will he ever catch that mouse

My kids are always looking for a fun movie to watch in the car.  We live in a smallish town about 30 minutes from anything neat.  We have a Walmart, but not much else.  Anytime we need to go shopping or to see family, we drive.  The kids like to have movies that are either short or in segments.  Tom and Jerry are the guys for the job.  In their newest DVD Tom and Jerry: Mouse Trouble, they are sure to keep not only my kids laughing, but yours too.

Look at what the cat and mouse dragged in! It’s an all-new collection featuring 30 hilarious Tom & Jerry episodes for the whole family to enjoy. So get ready for a rowdy reunion when Jerry’s Uncle Pecos comes to visit in Cry Uncle. Cat got your tongue? Maybe its Cat Got Your Luggage when Tom works as a bellhop in a fancy hotel but Jerry is a guest that’s sure to overstay his welcome. Then in A Mouse in the House, Tom and fellow feline Butch are both on the hunt for Jerry and to the victor go the spoils. So sit back, relax and hide the frying pans and mousetraps, this one is going to be a laugh riot!

This is a fantastic collection of 30 “classic” episodes.  They aren’t the new, re-vamped Tom and Jerry episodes, but oldies–but goodies that we grew up with.  The 2 disk set is 3 hours of fun and laughs.  A fun DVD set to add to any collection!

Real Mom Approved!