7 Tips for Finding the Right Violin Teacher

It is important to make a decision about a teacher for your violin. To ensure a good match, parents and students need to evaluate teachers according to a set of criteria. Because everyone learns differently, it is important that the teacher you choose matches the student’s learning style and personality. It is important that the instructor matches the student’s goals. Are you an older student looking for guidance in an online course? Is the student young and requires a tailored approach to learning? These seven tips will help you navigate the process to find a teacher who will make music learning fun and exciting.

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Describe your goals. This will allow intermediate and beginner students to identify the right type of instruction. Are you looking for an instructor to help with your summer training? Are you looking to give your child a solid foundation before they enroll in school? Perhaps you are an adult learner who wants to continue where you left off many years ago. You’ll be able better to find an instructor who can meet your goals by defining them.

Assess teaching credentials and performance history. A bachelor’s degree in music education is a must, although additional teaching awards and accolades can be a good indicator. It is important to check their performance history, especially if they are looking for a teacher who can help you with an audition or recital. Professional experience can offer valuable insights and guidance. They are also able offer musical inspiration.

Search for potential instructors in your local area. There is a lot of online resources and associations that are dedicated to helping you find a teacher. American String Teachers Association (ASTA), offers a vast directory of instructors who can meet their requirements and provide private studio instruction. The Music Teachers Directory allows you to find local teachers offering online or private lessons. These are great places to start.

Get in touch with your local community to find a teacher for your violin. Contact local educators and dealers at your local schools to get started. You can find qualified instructors outside of large organizations by speaking to musicians. Ask around at your local violin shop or church. Public schools also have music staff that you can contact. These people may offer private lessons but they don’t advertise it.

Get to know other parents and students. It’s a great way to find a teacher for your violin. Ask for references from the instructor. They will be glad to provide them. You can get a good idea of how successful your teacher will be by looking at the success stories of previous students.

Be specific about your questions regarding the learning style. Interview potential violin teachers and students. This will allow you to determine if the instructor is a good fit. Do they use the Suzuki Method or a combination of learning methods?

Contact me to arrange a viewing session or a “trial class”. Private instructors are often flexible in violin music lessons, and many will offer an experiment session. This is important to ensure that you have chosen a teacher who will help you make good progress.

You should check with your teacher regularly after lessons have begun to see if they are still motivating you or your child. Your enthusiasm is key to learning violin. Learning violin will be fun and inspiring if you have a great instructor. This will lead to success.


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