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Refinishing hardwood floors is a costly process. The cost of refinishing hardwood floors can vary greatly depending on the size and type of floor you are applying. You can also decide whether to hire a pro or do the job yourself.

However, there are some price ranges that can be used as a starting point. We’ll tell you on this page what the starting prices are (including the price per square foot), and how to best go about installing your hardwood floors.

How much does it cost to refinish hardwood floors?
Costs for refinishing your hardwood floors depend on your location, materials, size, and whether you do it yourself. However, the cost of your hardwood floors should generally fall within these ranges.

Refinishing hardwood flooring costs on average $1,684 with the highest end costing about $2,500.
The average cost per sq. foot is between $3.25 and $5.00.
Refinishing stairs can cost between $50 and $80 per tread. This is because the fine details in sanding, finishing and refinishing stairs are so high.
You should consider the following costs when you are considering doing your own work:

The price of polyurethane per gallon ranges from $40 to $85. The price range is wide because there are so many different brands and types of floor finishes, some of which are not polyurethane.
A sander that is upright costs between $60 and $70 per day
The cost of a buffer is also $60-$70 per day
If you are considering doing your own work, keep in mind that accidents can cause delays, and this can lead to increased costs. If you can’t repair your floor or need to rent equipment for too long, saving a few cents per square foot is not worth it.

What is cheaper: to refinish or replace hardwood floors?
It’s a simple question. Refinishing hardwood floors is always cheaper than replacing them. Even if you choose the engineered hardwood flooring, it is still expensive. Installing hardwood floors may cost even more.

Not much else to say. Refinishing hardwood flooring is always cheaper than replacing it, no matter what your situation. The amount of work required to sand hardwood floors is difficult to estimate, but those who have done it know that “it’s a lot.”

You will lose any savings made up front if you damage your hardwood flooring, which can happen easily when sanding. Hardwood floors can only be refinished so many times before they are damaged. You may end up having to replace your hardwood flooring if you do not know the warning signs.

What is cheaper, to do it yourself or hire a contractor?
You may want to do it yourself because the cost of refinishing hardwood floors is so high. But there are many things to consider.

Refinishing hardwood flooring isn’t simple. Even more difficult is refinishing hardwood flooring well. Do-it-yourselfers often regret their decision to do this work themselves after sanding. The cost to refinish hardwood floors may seem expensive, but is much less than replacing them.

How to Determine the cost of refinishing hardwood floors
Refinishing hardwood floors is a labor-intensive process, so the cost will vary. The price to refinish wood floors is largely determined by the following factors.

This is a two-part question: the geographical location of your home and the location in which the room is located. Refinishing hardwood flooring can be expensive in different regions. Each room will also present a different set of challenges when it comes to refinishing wood flooring. For example, a room on the third level of a building that has limited access might have a higher price per square foot due to the amount of labor required.

Floor Size
It is the obvious factor that will determine the cost of refinishing hardwood floors. This is especially true if you estimate the cost per square foot.

If you decide to do the work yourself, it will cost more if you have more flooring to finish.

The cost of a hardwood floor refinishing depends largely on whether you hire a professional to do it or do it yourself. It is for this reason that so many people decide to refinish their hardwood floors themselves.

However, the cost of refinishing hardwood floors is just one part of the job. This is an investment that will last a lifetime. You can regret hiring subpar workers, just like you can regret doing the job yourself.

The condition of your hardwood flooring can affect the price per square foot. Damaged floors may require extensive repairs. This will take time and cost. If the floor is too damaged, it may not be possible to refinish.

Sanding hardwood floors takes a lot of time. In fact, the cost of sanding hardwood floors is more than that of refinishing them.

Some people are happy that they took on this task themselves. Many people regret trying it. Some people hire a professional to do the job, but this only increases the cost. Renting equipment is expensive, but if you hire a professional, the cost per square foot will increase.

Floor sanding costs between $0.64 and $3.80 a square foot.

Material Costs
Hardwood floors are available in a variety of price ranges. Engineered hardwood costs less than real hardwood. However, even within these two broad categories there are many options with a wide range of prices.

There is also the cost for the protective finish.

The staining process requires a high level of skill and attention. Few people are skilled enough to do it well.

Costs of staining range from $1.50 per square foot to $4. Some people hire staining services only and do not sand themselves. This is not a bad idea, but untrained sanding could cause serious damage to your flooring. This is also a labor-intensive process.

Coating and Finishing
The floors must be protected with a protective coating after staining. Almost all staining providers will also handle the finishing and coating.

Final Cleanup
Many DIYers overlook this cost when planning their budget. You may have to pay to dispose of the debris at a landfill or other facility. You can check to see if the price of hiring a professional for your floors includes clean-up.

Final Thoughts
It’s not something anyone wants to do, but it is a job that can be done by professionals. Before going into it yourself, contact a provider to get a quote. You can usually get a quote for free. It won’t harm you, and it could save you money in the end.


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