Four Questions to Ask Before You Buy Your Chef Uniforms

It is believed that the many pleats folded in a chef’s hat were originally added to mark the hundred ways that the chef could cook eggs. Also, it is believed famous French chef Marie-Antoine Careme wore a staggering 45cm tall toque during the 1800’s. To signal his high standing in the kitchen, proving the fact that function and fashion can often clash.

Today’s chef’s attire is able to combine functionality and fashion seamlessly. In the end, being a chef is a feat worth celebrating and it is important to look nice, but catching on fire isn’t a good idea. Here we address the four most frequent questions when selecting a chef’s uniform.

Color Do you want to stick with the traditional white or play around?

Chefs are known by their imagination and the desire to show off their talents. It’s not surprising that more and more people are opting for vibrant attire in the kitchen. However, before you rush to order twenty uniforms designed in your restaurant’s colors ensure that you take a look at the advantages and disadvantages. There are numerous reasons that white is the preferred color for chefs over the last 200 years.

First of all, white symbolizes purity and cleanliness. If someone associates the word “chef” with cleanliness and tidy, they will automatically think that the kitchen is also clean.

What about keeping the uniform spotless? Aren’t there more stains that appear on white? Yes, they do. But, you can bleach white clothing and get it looking fresh and clean in just one or two hours. If you’re wearing vibrant clothes, it’s more difficult to out stains without ruining the colors as well as leaving streaks of bleach.

One final thing to be aware of is that white can reflect heat, rather than absorb it as black does.

What fabrics are best to make chef’s uniforms?

Synthetic fibres aren’t an the best option when working in proximity to flames, because the fibres will melt. Select natural fibres like 100 percent cotton that is more resistant to heat.

It is also recommended to determine if the product was chemically treated. Certain coatings block liquids, which can minimize the staining in the event that accidents or spills occur. The fabric must also be flame-resistant and thick enough that any sharp knife cannot cut it.

What can I do to determine the best fit is?

The design of a chef’s coat has a significant impact on both hygiene and comfort. It is recommended that the jacket have around 10 cm of additional space on the back. This is to ensure the wearer is comfortable and able to easily and swiftly move around.

It is crucial that the jacket and in particular, the sleeves, aren’t too tight since they can catch and get caught on pot knobs and oven handles. A properly fitted jacket will aid in ensuring that the fabric never gets in contact with food.

Are buttons and details important?

The majority of traditional chef uniforms feature double breasts. This gives a sense of formality to the dress but it also offers numerous practical advantages. The double layer gives protection against flames and heat. It also offers a smart method for chefs to conceal spills by reversing the fabric and putting the jacket from the other side.

In terms of buttons, it’s a good idea to avoid cheap metal or plastic buttons and instead opt for knotted, cloth buttons or studs that are of high quality. The last thing you want is a broken piece plastic thrown into the pot.

How can I ensure that my uniforms are fresh and clean?

The reputation of a restaurant is never damaged quicker than food poisoning. It is essential to properly take care of the chef’s uniforms in order to reduce the chance. When the chef’s jackets contain made of 100% cotton, you can and should, wash them in high temperatures to eliminate any traces of contamination. It’s also a great idea to clean and store the chef’s clothes in the restaurant. This is because traveling from one place to another with uniforms is a great way to bring in bacteria.



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