5 biggest plastic surgery trends of the new year

When it comes to trends, one can never be too sure if all the predicted trends will make it big in the coming year. However, one thing is for sure. And that is the fact that there are always a few trends that will last and stand the test of time. This is for the simple reason that they not only end up resonating with most people, but there is also the fact that a lot of individuals ultimately end up following them through on every level. This is the most important aspect of popular trends in general.

Let’s also not forget that in today’s day and age, we live in a selfie-obsessed culture. With that comes the desire for everyone out there to look their best and perfectly filtered. To prove that fact in spades, a variety of studies have shown that since 2000, the sheer number of cosmetic procedures, on the whole, have gone up by a staggering 200% showing no signs of slowing down in the least. With this, it is hardly any surprise that more and more cosmetic services are looking for newer and more refined ways to do cosmetic procedures be it the case of the best botox in London or even lip fillers in Essex, for that matter.

So in that regard, where do the new trends of the year stand. Let’s find out more by taking a closer look at the top five plastic surgery trends of the new year:-

  • The accessibility of injectables: Not only do injectables have a lower rate of downtime as well as lower cost, but there is also the fact that they have a much lower level of stigma attached to them as compared to the past. In fact, studies show that certain injectables have become so mainstream that a large majority of all facial treatments in 2018 were cosmetic.
  • The inclusivity of cosmic treatments: Gone are the days when mostly women would go for cosmetic treatments. Nowadays, both men and women alike are going for all kinds of cosmetic treatments across the board. Due to the surge of more men, newer, improved and more cutting-edge Botox technologies are making waves like never before.
  • Niche treatments: With the rise of technology comes the rise of tiny hyper-specific procedures that work to resolve minor body and facial quirks. These procedures particularly target the earlobes, the space between your lips and nose as well as the bridge of the nose.
  • The rise of body contouring: In this regard, EmSculpt is the first noninvasive muscle and body fat shaping procedure. Being a painless procedure, it has been thoroughly tested with positive and measurable results. Needless to say, it’s entry into the market in 2019 will be much awaited by everyone out there.
  • A surge in preventative treatments: There are many different types of preventative treatments such as tweak-ments and small corrections to the face and body. Plus many young people are already starting to undergo preventative treatments at a younger age in order to prevent invasive procedures in the long run. Enough studies show that there has been an increase of patients under 30 years of age in the past few years.

Finally, whichever treatment you are going for or strikes your fancy, the above list is a good way for you to keep a check on how the Botox industry is upgrading itself year by year as well as which trends can be applicable to your case in particular. Out of the two, the latter point is of much higher importance since you will be able to use the particular trend to your advantage and look good as well.


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