Are You Making These Hen Weekend Party Mistakes?

A hen party is all about making the bride feel special on her single life sendoff.  Being a tradition as old as time, it is the responsibility of the bride’s best friend to throw her a pre-wedding extravaganza to celebrate the last days of her single life. While everyone agrees that they are a lot of fun, there are many ways an alcohol fuelled hen’s do can go wrong. Make sure you don’t screw up your best friend’s last fling before the ring by avoiding these mistakes.

Not paying Attention to the Hen’s Preferences

This is the most common mistake that turns hen’s parties into a nightmare for the bride. While pranks are nice, make sure the day (or weekend) is completely dedicated to what the bride loves. An alcohol binge or a male stripper from Sydney are not fun for everyone. If you know the bride well, think about the kind of activities she would enjoy, and make the day about her, not about the party.

Getting the Hen too Drunk

While it is true you don’t really need alcohol to have fun, most people would agree that it definitely helps. However, by going overboard with alcohol, many hen’s parties are ruined. Remember, the idea is to have fun, and not to get the bride-to-be drunk out of her senses. After all, the party is no good if the guest of honour does not remember most of it.

Cause a Scene

Hen’s parties are supposed to be fun. However, the alcohol involved can cause some people to let loose, and cause a scene. Whether it is about shouting and creating a ruckus at a nice restaurant, or surfacing of long-held feelings for other members of the group, as an organiser, it is your duty to avoid creating a scene.

Planning the Party the Night Before the Wedding

In many cases, there is not an option but to celebrate the hen’s party the night before the wedding. However, in most of these cases, it is a terrible idea. The combination of staying up all night and flowing booze can result in a horrific hangover, which can potentially cause problems during the wedding.

Inviting too many people

While ‘more the merrier’ sounds great in theory, it is rarely the case. Having too many people at the party not only increases the responsibility on your shoulders, the chances of having a conflict of interests are also higher. Similarly, a conflict between the members of the group also becomes more probably. For this reason, it is best to keep the guest list limited to the bride’s few closest friends.

Trying to do Everything Yourself

Unless you want to deal with some serious stress, it is best to delegate responsibilities. If you can’t find people willing to share responsibilities, turn to the professionals like Sydney Hotshots. Professional Hen party organisers take care of all the bookings, while you can enjoy the party, and take all the credit for a hen do that will be remembered for all the right reasons. The best part is, calling in for professional help does not have to make your wallet weep. Most of these organisations offer different packages that suit all kind of budgets.


With proper planning and delegation, organising a hen’s party becomes a lot less stressful. Moreover, by keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, you can ensure that your best friend’s special single life send off does not turn into a disastrous spectacle.


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