Minty Doggie Breath

My puppy is like a second child.  In fact, we call her our dog-ter   She is pretty much spoiled.  Taking care of her is a tough job though.  Not only do I have to change her litter box daily (yup!  our dog is litter box trained…perfect for a small dog and because we don’t have a fenced in yard), feed her, take her for walks, and cuddle and love on her, but we have to make sure she is groomed and looking good.  Part of this very important responsibility is her oral hygiene.  I will admit it….we don’t brush her teeth.  It is a tough job because she resists it so much.  So instead, when she goes and gets groomed, they give her chompers a good scrub down.  Her doctor says her teeth are looking good so I guess I am not concerned.

Even though her teeth may look good some times, her breath is not too good.  Cuddling our little girl and getting a little kiss is the best so I don’t want bad breath to ruin it. Does your dog have bad breath, plaque and tarter build up, a small mouth making brushing hard, or just resist brushing?  Kissable Dog has great solutions to all of these problems.  Kissable Dog creates all natural products for your pooches dental and oral hygiene.  Founded in 2006 this company grows every day because more and more people are learning about pet oral hygiene and finding out that it can actually be an easy thing to fix.  Of course they carry toothpaste and toothbrushes, but they also carry dental wipes, probiotic spray, breath foam, and water additive. Kissable Dog sent Max the breath foam and water additive to test out.

These are two great NO BRUSHING REQUIRED products.  That is right!  Doggie oral hygiene without the brushing, resistance, and mess. Max is a Borkie and a pretty patient little girl so she will try just about anything.  We started with the water additive.  This peppermint scented liquid is SUPER easy to use. Just pour in 1 tablespoon per 16 oz. of water.  This can be done every time you refill their dish.  It helps sanitize puppy mouths and loosen plaque, all without using a toothbrush!  “The formula contains baking soda which helps to remove discoloration, fights bad breath and removes plaque deposits from teeth. Plaque contributes to tooth decay and must be removed on a regular basis.  It also includes aloe vera.

You may have thought that aloe was mainly used for alleviating sunburns. However, new research proves that aloe cleanses and soothes teeth and gums while fighting plaque-causing bacteria.” In our case Max’s bowl holds exactly 16 oz. of water so it was easy and we didn’t have to measure the water.  Max was thirsty but one sniff of her water and she walked away.  It was new to her so I left it to see if she would come back.  She didn’t that night.  She was in the tub begging for me to turn on the faucet.  She never went back to the bowl of water.  For days she was begging in the tub.  So I dumped it out and tried adding just a half a tablespoon of additive to 16 oz of water.  Initially she still didn’t want anything to do with it but after a day she tried it and didn’t mind it.

So now I am slowly adding a little more and a little more each time I fill her water dish until we make it to a tablespoon.  Hopefully we make it there.  She is doing well so far. Next, we tried the breath foam. This one is also minty flavored and cleans, sanitizes, and loosens plaque.  Like the water additive the foam also contains baking soda and aloe vera. This one was easier because she didn’t have a choice in the matter.  With the water additive she didn’t have to drink it if she didn’t want to but with the breath foam it was placed in her mouth she she didn’t have a choice but lick it up.  With the foam I just opened her cheeks up and placed a pump on the side of her mouth.

This allows the foam to get in contact with her teeth and gums.  I did one pump on each side.  For us, one pump really is enough.  A little comes out of the front of her mouth each time so I think one pump would do it for the whole thing.  But, if your dog is bigger of course one of each side would be better.  She didn’t mind this.  She just licked up the foam that came out of her mouth.  Her breath was minty fresh and work was going on inside her mouth.  Quick, easy, and no fuss! I took both of these products over to my mother-in-laws house to test out on their dog Marley.  She is a big chocolate lab that never go to a groomer or gets her teeth brushed.  She has stinky breath!  Since she thinks she is small like Max, she is always in your face.  I knew I just HAD to try this product on her.  I poured the water additive in her bowl first.  She had no problem with it.

She isn’t picky with anything, unlike Max.  Then I straddled her to hold her down while I pumped foam in her mouth. The first few times she wiggled out of my legs and wouldn’t let me touch her mouth.  My husband held her and pried open her mouth to let me pump foam into it.  She did not care for it at all.  (Could be the fact that we had to hold her down, something she isn’t used to.) So for Marley, the water additive is best.  For Max, the foam is best.  Both dogs will still take the other….it just requires a little more work from me.  No matter, both products gave our dogs minty fresh doggie breath.  Plus as a dog own I feel good knowing that I am helping my pups oral hygiene!  Both products retail for $9.99 each. Kissable Dog is giving away the same products I received to one dog owning reader!

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