Piano Lessons for Adults – 4 Great Reasons to Play Piano

There is never a time too late to begin learning something new!

Perhaps you attended lessons in your youth and would have liked to practice more! …or you’ve always had a desire to play the piano, but you’ve never had the chance to master it. There are a lot of us in this world and lots of us are working on it. Here are four great reasons to urge you to seriously consider taking piano lessons in your adult years and inspire you to start:

1. Learning to Play the Piano is Easy

There is no need to learn the Mozart Piano Concerto the first time! Get rid of all your assumptions about the difficulty of it. Reading music is actually simple. In just a few weeks, you’ll know what the tiny white dots across the music page represent and what keys they represent when you play the piano.

You’ll be playing easy and familiar tunes in just six weeks. It’s crucial to remember that the journey is more important that what’s the “destination”. As you learn which note on the sheet is middle-C and how you can hold your hands properly to play your favorite song, you are:

Completely focused and “present”
Discovering something completely new
“Exercising” your mind and your body

2. Music is Good for Your Mind and Body
It’s true. The practice of music increases the flow of blood in the brain and improves brain function and memory. In February of 2015 the study has been published by The Journal of Neuroscience by Dr. Gavin Bidleman of the Rotman Research Institute (RRI) located at Baycrest Health Sciences within Canada. The study was led by Dr. Gavin Bidelman, who was the lead researcher in the study as a postdoctoral fellow at the RRI was quoted in a press statement “Musical activities are an engaging form of cognitive brain training and we are now seeing robust evidence of brain plasticity from musical training not just in younger brains, but in older brains too.”

You’ve heard of the phrase, “Use it or Lose it.” “… Consider this: The more old we grow, the more our requirement for the exercising and utilizing all of the bodily activities. Little motor skills, like writing, gripping, and stretching your wrists (which frequently are symptoms of arthritis in various forms) are becoming more difficult. Making a new and enjoyable activity that requires muscle memory, coordination concentration and focus is an excellent way to improve the physical and neurological connections in our bodies. A daily routine of scales or your favourite music will keep your hand dexterity in check!

3. Learning to Play the Piano Feels Good
That’s the reason we call it playing! At the beginning, you are taught the basics of how to tackle one small obstacle after another. What happens when you face challenges and finish your goal …it is amazing! Every step is a great feeling as you grow and conquer. Motivation and inspiration are pair of co-products this isn’t a bad thing. It’s a wonderful feeling to hear music emerge from an instrument, because you helped make it happen. As adults, we are given the opportunity to put our heart into the process of creating. This is embedded in us…and it is a great feeling.

The Dr. Kimberly Sena Moore Ph.D published a blog on Psychology Today, “The Chemical Link Between Music and Emotion” in which she cites a recent study “that is an additional important aspect of knowledge as we try to understand the way our brains process music. In the event that we fulfill our urge to eat, rest or reproduce our brain releases dopamine, the “feel good” neurochemical involved in our experience of satisfaction and pleasure. This chemical is released while listening to songs.”

Just listening music can create an environment that stimulates your brain and your reasoning capabilities are enhanced. One of my music teachers, when I was younger I was told that she gave to the mathematics teacher Mozart CDs that she allow her students to listen to for 10 minutes prior to taking an Math test. The students always scored higher in the tests after listening to the music rather than during the test with no music!

Piano Lessons in South Bay don’t just open the doors for music as well as creativity, but can help naturally improve our health and strengthen our spirits.

4. It’s Social!

In the present day our lives are becoming increasingly isolated by the using mobile devices, or communicating “digitally” with our family and friends as well as social networks. The ability to play a musical instrument could provide us with an entirely fresh as well as “organic” set of familial and social occasions. Imagine playing music with your children or daughters or your husband or wife. I can assure you that from personal experience, it’s unlike nothing else… And it’s just the beginning.

Small-group classes are often an excellent weekly social event and are a great thing to anticipate. Private or group lessons can be an excellent method for those who love the idea of sharing music with other people and learning how to play the piano, guitar, or any other instrument can be a great way to establishing common ground with other musicians and friends. partners.

If you are ever struck by the distinctive sound of “tickling of the ivories” and your ear is drenched and every thought is about making your way to the room. As more and more seniors are beginning to learn, and it’s not enough to start playing an instrument. You’ll realize that some of the most memorable moments are found by singing along with on the piano, or practicing the latest song with friends and family. They will testify to the joy and joy that learning perform on the piano has brought into their lives. You can too!


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