Why Metal Roofing is Best for Historic Buildings

The Hearthstone Historic House Museum: Preserving history

Hearthstone House was the first private residence in 1882 to use Thomas Edison’s hydroelectric system.

The house was renamed the Hearthstone Historic House Museum.

On their website it is stated that “the residence still contains original Edison electroliers and original light switches as well as some of the only examples in the world of original Edison wiring.”

Hearthstone’s technological, historical, architectural, and artistic importance has earned it a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

This beautifully restored house and museum offers much more. This is a stunning example of Queen Anne Victorian Style Architecture, designed by an architect of the time, with stunning interiors.

“It’s hardwired into the local history, as its story is the history of Wisconsin. It tells the story of Wisconsin’s founding, the Gilded Age and the fortunes that were won and lost.”

The mansion’s exterior is also ornate, with elaborate roof designs. This creates a level of complexity that is rarely seen in contemporary architecture.

The Challenge of Replacing an Aging Roof on a Historical Building

The roof of the Hearthstone Historic House Museum (a mixture of asphalt shingles with wood shakes) started to deteriorate. A more durable roofing solution had to be found.

The Victorian roof had to be protected with absolute exterior integrity. This included intricately carved wood doors and wainscoting panels on the walls. Also, the extravagant parquet flooring made of native Wisconsin hardwoods such as maple and white oak.

The Hearthstone Historic House Museum was built on the principle that “nothing but the best roof would do.”
a perfect example.

The new roof of the mansion needed to:

To preserve the historic aesthetics of the roof, it is important to replicate the original style.
The elaborate roof designs of Queen Anne Victorian architecture can be accommodated.
Protect your interior, original Edison light switches, electroliers and wiring system.
Wisconsin’s weather is known for its heavy snowfall, high winds, and hail.
Historic landmarks must meet Department of Interior standards.
Roof durability should exceed the 70-year goal set by the restoration team.

Modern Durability and Classic Elegance With Metal Roofing in Nashua, Nh

The Hearthstone House Challenge would undoubtedly require the best in both roofing products and contractor knowledge. One of Wisconsin’s most reputable roofers – to help him with the Hearthstone House challenge.

Schroeder accepted and the tear-off of the Victorian mansion began in summer 2019. Schroeder agreed and tear-off work on the Victorian mansion began in summer 2019.

Parts of the roof deck were so badly deteriorated, they could not be protected by the wood shakes or shingles. The damage would have been more expensive and extensive if the project had taken place later.



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