Foundation Cracks: How Serious Is It

Have you observed that your foundation is cracking on your property? Are you worried that your foundation might require costly, lengthy repairs? Not necessarily! This article will help you understand what happens when fractures to the foundations of your house are not a problem and when it’s time to contact the Foundation Contractors in Los Angeles to safeguard the foundation of your largest investment.

Why Find Foundation Cracks?

  • Temperature extremes and weather changes
  • Poor design and construction with not enough structural or reinforcement for the weight of the home (This is the case even if built a second story onto your house)
  • Sold not compacted correctly
  • Leaks and drainage issues
  • Type of soil: Clay soils are notorious for causing cracks in foundations
  • Settlement of the House
  • Tree roots are responsible for soil changes

Being a responsible home owner it is crucial to regularly inspect your foundation to look for any cracks, as well as other indicators of foundation issues. But it is not always the case that cracks signal the need for foundation repairs. If you’re unsure what to be looking to look for, below are a few suggestions and the types of cracks that are more significant than regular “wear and tear”. 

Vertical Foundation Cracks

They’re the least invasive. The foundation cracks tend to go in a straight line up and down or at a 30-degree angle. These are by far the most typical type of crack you’ll see. They are typically caused by foundation settlement, and are often visible when constructing a new structure, particularly within the first few years. Cracks that are vertical in your foundation or walls are the simplest and most costly to repair.

Diagonal Foundation Cracks

They move in a 30-70-degree angle. Diagonal cracks could be hairline-thin or larger on one side. They result from the uneven settlement of a house in which one part of the foundation settles just a less in comparison to the opposite. Cracks that are diagonal in the foundation could be more expensive to repair and the reason for the uneven settlement needs to be identified and dealt with.

Horizontal Foundation Cracks

They are among the most alarming and could indicate serious destruction to the foundation of your home and structure. There are many possible causes, such as soil pressure or an excessive amount of moisture. 

Other Warning Signs of Foundation Problems:

  • Is your chimney dangling away from your home?
  • Is one of the walls being slanted?
  • Do you see cracks on the walls or ceilings?
  • Do the floor tiles not seem level or do they creak?
  • There are cracks on the garage slab?
  • Are there tiles that are loose?
  • Are windows and doors sticking or are they not closing properly?
  • Are there cracks and gaps in the windows and doors?
  • Are there cracks on the exterior of your house? in the bricks or stucco?
  • Does the roof appear wonky and uneven?

The correct solution for cracks in foundations will be contingent on which of the signs you see. Problems with floors could call for the need for a different set of solutions as opposed to wall cracks. If you’re not a DIY foundation expert, it’s better to rely on a professional foundation repair service to design and implement the most effective and most affordable repairs to your home.


You might not be able to stop foundation cracks happening at all, but prevention and regular maintenance can help.

  • Look for leaks inside the area around your home.
  • Make sure that your home’s temperature is to be consistent
  • Make sure that the soil is not above the level of your slab.
  • Keep trees at a reasonable distance from your foundation
  • Make sure that there is adequate drainage away from the home
  • Make sure you keep your water levels in check around your foundation

Do Not Ignore Foundation Cracks

Cracks within the structure of your house could be scary however, it’s not a cause for panic. Most cracks are caused by normal settlement of our homes, whether new or old. It is crucial not to ignore cracks, and check your home frequently for warning signs of foundation issues and repair requirements. 



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