5 Ways How A Home Inspection Can Help Interior Designers

There are many reasons the interior design professional should insist that his client to have an inspection of the home before the interior design project begins. Here are five of the most important reasons.

Don’t get involved in the blame game

After the interior designer has started the work, any problems that arise with the house, such as damaged tiles or electrical issues that are discovered during this stage will be attributable to the designer and his team. It is always advisable to establish a baseline for the condition of the house prior to the work on the interior design is begun. This will help avoid getting caught in an argument over who is the builder and customer in the future.

Keep track of the time

The interior designer generally is working to deadlines strict that they have promised to the client. Any deviation from the stated timeframe can result in increased costs or uncomfortable discussions with the client. Conducting a home inspection ensures that there are no surprises that impact the timeframes that were that they can be met.

Help you stick to your the budget

The extra work that is required to be carried out by an interior design professional due to a poor house is not planned by Interior designers. It is logical to reduce the possibility of being shocked in the overall quality of the house to ensure an interior design professional is able to concentrate on the core of his or her expertise more than any other aspect.

It prevents waste and rework

Conducting a home inspection can help detect issues with the home such as dampness or seepage early. If the issues aren’t detected early and are instead pushed into the future, they can result in rotting furniture, woodwork, and appliances, or other work undertaken by an interior design professional wasted time which could have been prevented. This causes an extensive rework effort for the design team in order to repair the damage and re-do the work. In such a scenario the final quality of the product delivered by the interior designer is being impacted.

Avoid brand dilution as well as loss of references

We have observed that any issue that arise in the home following the time that an interior designer has completed their work is blamed on the an interior design professional. This can lead to a loss of the reputation that the designer has created. It also often results in the client not being able to refer clients. It is better to prevent this from happening by requiring conducting a home inspection prior to the interior design is started to ensure the foundation is also covered.

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons why an inspection of your home can benefit designers. We have partnered with numerous design firms who advised home inspection in Quesnel to clients and have seen the advantages. 


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