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Sweets! There’s just something about going into a sweet shop that is just pure fun. While I don’t make a regular habit of going, every once in a while you just need to treat yourself to a little something sweet. By far my favorite sweet shop is See’s Candy

See’s Candy has been around since 1921, and it’s dedication to quality, hand crafted chocolates and confections is still at the center of this this little shop! It is my go-to place when I need a gift for my Dad, a consummate chocolate lover… and also someone who is really hard to shop for. I know that he will always like chocolate, so that is why it’s my go-to! And every once in a while when I’m at the mall, it’s fun to stop in get my absolute favorite, Apple Pie Truffle. 

 And who doesn’t love trying the free samples they offer.

When I was generously given the chance to go “shopping” at See’s…boy was I ever excited! We made it a family affair and took every one on a Saturday.

The gals at See’s were super helpful kept offering us all sorts of yummy samples to try! I had more chocolate in that afternoon than I’d had in a LONG time!

Peanut had a really fun trying lots of stuff and loved the fun chocolate coins they gave him. He also picked out some fun patriotic gummy sour stars to take  home as well.

I ended up getting some chocolate for my Dad, who’s birthday is coming up, and we got some yummy treats to take home too…. they didn’t even last a week! If you haven’t been to your local See’s Candy lately, be sure to swing in! They have fun limited edition goodies that are only featured for a limited time. And this, my friends would be the ultimate way to solve a “monthly chocolate emergency!!” 

 And be sure to pick up a little extra as a gift for someone who needs some chocolate. And if chocolate isn’t your thing, they have all sorts of non chocolate goodies like nut brittles, and their suckers are sooo good… something I remember from childhood!

Thanks See’s!

See’s Candy is Real Mom Recommended!

Want to get your own See’s goodies? 

See’s is generously giving a way a $25 gift certificate to one lucky winner!

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