Sleeping Beauty Bedhead Pajamas

Confession.  Since becoming a mother I wear pajamas…a lot.  I get out of bed in the morning, feed my son, feed myself, get a couple of things done around the house, and then it is nap time.  Mornings fly around here.  Sometimes before I know it it is 2:00 and I am still in my pajamas.  (Don’t tell my hubby about this!)  Because I am in my pajamas more than I ever pictured I would be (before I had a baby I claimed I would be vacuuming in heels with a baby on my hip LOL) the pajamas I wear better be cute.  After all, sometimes I answer the door in them!  (Don’t judge!)

Bedhead Pajamas, founded by Renee Claire, sells pajamas that are full of sophistication and great tailoring.  Nothing stinks more than spending your hard earned money on something that only looked good the first time you wore it.

Aren’t these the most fabulous pajamas you have ever seen!?  They are cute, feminine, and comfortable.  There are many different styles…long sleeves and pants, short sleeves and capris, night shirts, caftans, and robes.  There are pajamas for women, men, and children!

Bedhead Pajamas sent me my new favorite everyday attire 🙂  I received the Red Palm Springs Paisley Long Sleeve Ribbon PJ.  Believe me, picking out my favorite pair of pj’s was REALLY difficult.  In fact I had to narrow it down to my top four and then get my hubby’s input.  Everything is just so cute!

These pajamas are soooo soft, soooo comfy, and soooo cute!  Now when I wear them all day I have more of an excuse than the fact that I was too lazy to get dressed, I love them!  I just adore the fabric’s pattern and how it is outlined in ribbon.


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