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Now that my children are a bit older at 5 and 7; I am finally able to enjoy my showers again! I know it sounds strange, but if you are a mother I’m sure you understand. When my children were small I was lucky to get five minutes of freedom to get a quick lather and rinse. I find a little escape in my shampoo and soaps; tropical scents can refresh my mind and body. Pure Brazilian has been a wonderful addition to my daily routine and is such a treat; like having a salon at home!

Pure Brazilian is a hair care company that has a full line of Professional and Home Care Products. Our Professional Treatment line works miracles on all hair types! Compared to other treatments of its’ kind, it is the healthiest and safest treatment to use! Pure Brazilian will eliminate frizz, while leaving hair SLEEK, SMOOTH and HEALTHY! ~ Pure Brazilian

I was sent a fantastic sample pack of Pure Brazilian hair care products, including Anti-Frizz ShampooAnti-Frizz ConditionerDaily Anti-Frizz Serum, and Deep Conditioning Masque. First of all, I was head over heels as soon as I smelled these four products. Each one has a light cocoa, tropical scent. It’s the best! I have seen a huge change in the texture of my hair since I started using these products a week ago. My hair has gone from a bit of a frizzy mess that needed straightening daily to tame, sleek, and smooth with very little styling needed. This couldn’t make me happier as now I save time in the mornings getting ready for work. My hair also smells incredible all day long, which is a nice bonus. Each product has it’s specific purpose and they are made to work with each other for the overall goal of stronger, healthier, and sleeker hair.

The Anti-Frizz Shampoo is an exclusive formula that uses a sodium chloride free system to gently cleanse without stripping the treatment. Preserves moisture and gives amazing shine and health.

The Anti-Frizz Conditioner is a rich moisturizing conditioner with vital nutrients, along with keratin and bamboo helps create luxurious softness and shine. Use daily to help strengthen and fortify the cuticle, while protecting hair color.

The Daily Anti-Frizz Serum is designed to be used before blow-drying and styling. This specially designed serum coats the hair with nutrients and keratin to lock in moisture. This product is lightweight and leaves the hair bouncy and shiny. UV and HEAT protection! Pure Brazilian DAILY ANTI-FRIZZ SERUM contains rich amino acids that strengthen the hair preventing split ends. Provides Daily Styling Protection.

The Deep Conditioning MASQUE fortifies the cuticle using essential nutrients, such as Keratin and Cocoa Seed Butter, leaving hair feeling like satin! The Final Results: Smooth, Frizz-Free and Radiant Hair!

I am absolutely loving my Pure Brazilian hair care products and know they would make a pretty fun stocking stuffer this holiday season!

Pure Brazilian is Real Mom Recommended!

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