I love evoli

I love trying bath and beauty products.  I love new scents, new colors, and new results.  When it comes to my boys though I am a little but more hesitant.  They have such sensitive skin that I don’t want to irritate it.    This time I was given the chance to try a product specifically designed for babies and their sensitive skin.

evoli is all about giving your baby the ultimate love.  Give your baby love that is proven to be safe not just something you are told is safe.  evoli products are dermatologically, allergy, hypoallergenic, irritation, and laboratory tested.  These delicate products are made in Thailand with the mildest of ingredients, using only the most necessary to ensure it is the safest for your child.  This high-end Bangkok company is coming to the US and selling body and skincare products as well as blankets, cloths, and bathtubs.

evoli sent me a few products to give a shot.  I received the Baby All Over Foaming Wash, Baby Instant Soothing Gel, and Baby Soft Cream.  I have been using all of these products on my boys since receiving them without any irritation or other issues.

Baby All Over Foaming Wash is a soft foam designed to use on baby’s hair and skin.  Just pump the foam into your hand and rub it on baby.  It says to avoid using it around the eyes so I use extra on their faces and when rinsing their hair.  While there isn’t any fragrance used in this product my husband says he likes how they smell fresh….like aloe.  Good job Honey!  There is aloe in this product!!  Purchase the 300 ml for about $26 and the 100 ml for about $18.

Baby Instant Soothing Gel is a super light-weight gel that is designed to provide cooling and immediate comfort on any minor skin irritations.  Beckham has had a cold lately and like any little boy wipes his nose with his hand.  He wipes it across his face though.  (GROSS!)  The snot dries out his cheeks leaving them red and chapped.  I am constantly wiping his nose and cleaning off his cheeks.  We have been using this gel at night.  Each morning his cheeks are healed and ready for another day.  It is great!  Purchase the 50 ml tube for about $27.

Baby Soft Cream is a great moisturizer for baby’s body and face.  This soft, non-sticky, non-greasy lotion is “moisturizes and helps strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier”.  We love using this all over every night before bed time and especially after tub time.  My boys’ skin is super soft and moist.  No winter skin here!  Purchase this 150 ml tube for about $27.

Evoli products are gentle on sensitive skin.  I am loving them on my boys.  This kind of love is just the kind I want to give my most prized possessions!

evoli is Real Mom approved!