On my fitness journey I do most workouts in my living room; it is my gym, which works well since I don’t have to leave my house. Every once in a while I decide to take my workout to the streets or the local park and I always have one issue….where do I put my keys? I have carried them on 5 mile walks, tied my car key to my shoelace {constantly checking to make sure it’s still there throughout my walk}, and even stuck my keys in my sports bra. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?! When I stumbled on FlipBelt one evening I knew it was the answer to my issue!

The first & innovative leader of sleek hip packs. You don’t have to wear a fanny pack… just slip your phone & items in/out of the pocket openings & slide them anywhere you want. Flip belt inward to securely lock in your items… It’s so easy & looks great. No movement, no bounce or bulk. Pure comfort. ~FlipBelt

I was thrilled to receive a Flipbelt for my outdoor exercise adventures! Like I said, finding a place for my keys and phone during my outdoor walks has been an issue. When my FlipBelt arrived I instantly had to test it out! I easily slid it up on my waist and put my keys and phone inside using the two openings. It worked like a charm and I quickly became a huge FlipBelt fan. Made of a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend, it fits very well around my hips and doesn’t slide down, ride up, or irritate me during my outdoor workouts. It stays put and so do my must have items! The design is just fantastic and is available in a variety of eye catching colors. The FlipBelt is big enough for a few essential items; phone, keys, money, chap stick; whatever you feel is important to have with you while you’re getting your sweat on! The FlipBelt allows you to bring along a few essentials and leaves your hands free to really get the most out of your workout.

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