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Back in July my hubby became a K9 officer.  He has been a police officer for the last 4+ years and loves his job.  He has always taken every opportunity to get more training.  He wants to be the best officer he can be.  When the opportunity presented itself for him to have a full time partner, he jumped on it.  Right then, Maggie became a part of our family.  Maggie is a yellow lab and is full of energy.  She is crazy cute, but works hard.  Josh and Maggie are an amazing team.  We are proud of them and the work they do.  One way we show Josh how much we appreciate all he does for us as a family and for our community, is by thanking him.  I have an end table in my front room that has a few pictures of him working and other police things on it.  It is our way of showing him we are proud of him and the job he does. We have an addition to our collection, thanks to Moonlight Primitives.

Moonlight Primitives specializes in home decor signs.  These aren’t just any old signs, but they are rustic, distressed, wooden signs.  There is just about every sign imaginable here.  The one that we had done for Josh says “K9 Unit- Jaws and Paws Enforcing the Laws.”  The sign is perfect for Josh and Maggie.  That is exactly what they do!  I had it done in black with tan paint.  The wood board has it’s own character with nicks, cracks and dents.  It is sanded to look worn, but has a nice finished feel.  The back of the board is stained and has a hanger for easy displaying.

Moonlight Primitives doesn’t only do police signs (though there are quite a few amazing ones), but there are also fireman, wedding, seasonal, baby, teacher, army, kitchen, family, man cave and about any kind of custom sign you want.  Some of my very most favorites are the Halloween ones and the Christmas ones.  The rustic paint looks amazing on these.  I am usually a fan of vinyl, but Moonlight Primitives has changed my mind.  The vinyl looks great, but this is paint.  It is weathered and worn looking, vinyl doesn’t look like that.  These signs are the perfect addition to any room.  No matter the decor, you are bound to find something that works perfectly for you.  If not, you can have a custom sign done.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Moonlight Primitives is the answer to all gift giving questions.  What to get Grandma?  Sisters?  Baby Showers?  Weddings?  You are sure to find the perfect gift for everyone here!

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