Sweet And Sassy Skirts

I love wearing skirts.  They are as comfortable as sweats to me.  I know that might sound silly to some but seriously I love that you can just throw a skirt on be comfy.  Dressing up a skirt is easy but skirts don’t always have to be dressy.  Wear your skirt with a cool tee and sandals or plain kicks and you have a great casual outfit without looking frumpy dumpy. Whether you wear them casual or dressy, great skirts are a must have for any lady’s closet.SkirtWorkz is a great company from Idaho specializing in beautiful, feminine, and modest skirts.  Their skirts feature comfort fit waistbands so they are easy to wear and be active in, yet you can still look stylish and professional.  Style and comfort….best of both worlds!SkirtWorkz sent me two different skirts to try out, but as all of you know (or should know by now), I am pregnant.  For a long time I didn’t have to wear maternity clothes but now at 29 weeks I don’t have much of a waist.  These two skirts I received are worn at the waist.  So let me introduce you to my beautiful and wonderful model and sister, Lori.

The first skirt I received that my sister is modeling is the Anchors Away.  I am IN LOVE with this skirt.  It is so fun and can totally be dressy or casual.  It has a 3.5″ waistband that makes for a nice comfortable fit.  The skirt is 100% polyester and is super soft.Lori is 5’3″ and is wearing this skirt right at her waist.  It hits her midcalf.  I am 5’6″ so I imagine it will hit me just below my knees.  Lori says normally she would buy a medium skirt, but when I showed her the size chart she said she would buy the large.  She is modeling my extra large and while it fit and there was extra room it wasn’t hanging off of her or looking too big.  She could definitely size down to the large and still look just as great though.I also love that it has pockets.  You don’t see too many skirts that have pockets and can still have a dressy look.  This skirt is so versatile and can be worn so many ways.  Lori is showing how you can dress it up…red pumps, white tee, and red cardigan.  You could wear it casual by throwing on a pair of white Converse tennis shoes and tucked in tee.   You could even go with a graphic tee!  Pull off a dressy casual look by tossing on a pair of sandals and a chambray shirt tied in the front.

The second skirt I received and Lori is modeling is the Rose Bud.  This skirt is so fun and flirty!  It has a 2″ wide decorative elastic waistband.  I like wide waist bands because they are more comfortable to me.  This waist on this skirt isn’t as stretchy and roomy as the Anchors Away skirt but it is still stretchy….just not as much.  This skirt is two layers of fabric so no slip is necessary.  In the pictures below Lori even holds it out for you so you can see that it isn’t see through.Below Lori is showing you a few different ways you can style this skirt.  Pair it with a white tee and green cardigan, white tee and peach scarf, or cardigan and scarf!  You could even pair this with a blue top and pull out the blue flowers!  Pair this with brown heels like Lori, natural braided wedges, or metallic sandals.  The options go on and on.Again, this skirt hit this 5’3″ girl midcalf, so for me it will be just below my knees.  Like the Anchors Away skirt this is an extra large skirt.  She can wear it but can also size down to a large.  (She is normally a size 10.)

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