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I love when my little boy looks like a little dude.  Beckham is 22 months old now and that little personality comes out more and more every day.  When I can find clothing and accessories that enhance that funny, spunky personality I am all over it.  I especially love when I can support small businesses at the same time.Colleen Hurley, from Georgia, is the founder and brain behind Firebrand Apparel.  Firebrand Apparel is a wonderful Etsy shop that specializes in fun and stylish bibdanas.  That’s right…bibdana’s!  A mix of a bib and a bandana.  Now your little cutie can wear a bib all day long and never even look like it.Beckham received the Geo Pool bibdana, which was so wildly popular that it sold out!  This organic bibdana is the  coolest thing!  It snaps easily around Beckham’s neck and lays just like a bandana would if it was tied around his neck.  It isn’t tight but sits close enough that it catches his drool and other droppings, just like a bib would.  It looks WAY COOLER than a normal bib!  In fact, it makes he outfit look cool and fashionable no matter what he is wearing.

I seriously cannot get over how cute he looks in this bibdana.  We had so many compliments on it and how cute it looked on him.  The hostess at a restaurant we went to even spread the word about his bibdana cuteness and several waiters had to come over and see.After wearing it for the day it was smothered in drooly goodness and food drippings.  It washed up beautifully and looks good as new, ready for more wear!  I can’t wait to put it with more outfits.Firebrand Apparel bibdanas are available in flannel and organic cotton.  You can even get a waterproof backing on it for the really drooly kid!  I think these bibdanas are so awesome I am going to place an order for more.  They currently retail starting at $5 a piece (WHAT A DEAL!)!!

Right now on Firebrand Apparel’s Etsy shop you can buy 3 and get 1 free!  I am all over that!!  Here is a very short wish list of ours:

I could go on and on with my wishlist.  There are seriously so many cute things.  Plus Colleen is always working on new things and finding new fabrics.  Following her on Instagram and Facebook is a must so you are the first to find out about new products, sales, and get inspiration from other Firebrand Apparel lovers.  Firebrand Apparel bibdana’s would make a great present for any kid!  Add one to an outfit and give a really memorable gift!
Today Firebrand Apparel is giving one lucky person an organic bibdana of their choice!


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