Sage Harper

I think I have finally come to terms with the fact that I absolutely love bags. Purses, duffels, messengers; I can’t get enough. I stumbled upon the gorgeous bags at Sage & Harper, the way I have been discovering many hidden gems; on INSTAGRAM! What is about Instagram? I have found oodles of shops of varying products; clothing, purses, photo canvas. You name it, if you are looking for something unique I’m sure with a little digging you can find it on Instagram. Enough, about IG, let’s get back to Sage & Harper and their beautifully designed bags. I saw a photo on my Instagram feed and followed it back to Sage & Harper. It was truly love at first sight!At Sage and Harper we have a passion for style and textiles. Our unique products are designed to be hip and functional to compliment your fabulous lifestyle. ~Sage & Harper

I was absolutely giddy to receive a Larger Bag from Sage & Harper. It is the bag; the one I found on Instagram that brought me to their fantastic site. The various fabrics just go together so well; navy and white tribal print, polka dot, stripes, woven brown and then a brightly colored fabric on the interior of the outer pockets. This Sage & Harper bag is a perfect size and there is plenty of storage in the bag, too!  There are seven built in pockets on the interior as well as three on the exterior with two large in the front and one wide along the back. Several separate compartments for your wallet, phone, keys, snacks or even a few diapers if you have a little one you’re toting around. These pockets have really helped me keep my Sage & Harper bag organized and I love that I know where everything is right when I need it. The wooden accent on the outer flap is also just a fantastic detail that really makes the bag unique. I have been carrying my Sage & Harper bag everywhere and everyone loves it. The fabric is so sturdy and it holding up to lots of use. It is probably my favorite bag. Ever.The strap is long enough to wear it cross body as well as just over the shoulder. I love wearing it both ways. The design is extremely well thought out and the bag is beautifully made and super high quality. It’s also totally eye catching. If there was ever a bag that was made perfectly for me, it’s this one. The fabrics, the design, the look; it’s just my style. This bag from Sage & Harper is perfect for any woman at any stage in her life.


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