Are You Ready For Some Football

Football season is just around the corner.  Are you a football fan?  Do you just watch so your husband thinks you are cool?  Do you watch for the men? the food? because you really do love it?  Whatever the reason, it is a must that you do it in style.  This football season say “no” to men’s oversized shirts or tees that are frumpy and “yes” to All Sport Couture!All Sport Couture is the hottest place to go for women’s NFL apparel.  All Sport Couture has trendy, great fitting, and sexy clothing in all your favorite NFL teams.Most NFL apparel for women is bulky, frumpy, and go well with sweats.  In fact, they almost look identical to the men’s apparel but is slightly smaller sizes.  Why do companies think that is what women want?  We don’t!  We still want to look cute when we are cheering our team on, eating little smokies, and yelling at the tv.  Right ladies!?

In high school I was a cheerleader.  I always loved showing my team spirit by wearing my team colors.  Because I was always in my uniform I didn’t ever have to worry about finding cute clothes.  When I went to college I had to start shopping for team apparel.  All that was available to me in the bookstore were t-shirts and hoodies.  They were all the same styles, just different designs.  Rip off huh!?  It was all we had to choose from so that is what I chose.  Now, as a sports fan I go into shops in the mall to find cute clothes to support my team in and it is like I stepped into the college bookstore again, just with professional teams.  Tees and hoodies.  So lame.  All Sport Couture is totally different!  They have flattering tops and in many different styles.  There aren’t any tees or hoodies to be found!I received the NY Giants Red Zone top in blue.  This long sleeved shirt is super duper comfy and very flattering.  It features a shawl collar with a little bit of ruching.  The logo is embroidered on the chest…above the boobs (this keeps the guys eyes up ) and is subtle.  I like that the team’s logo is visible but doesn’t scream “I LOVE THE GIANTS!”  Sometimes logos can get a little too big for my taste.  This shirt features princess seams (vertical seams) which works great on all figures because it defines and slenderizes your frame.  Love that!  I received a large and it fits great!  Nothing is see through or too tight….just like I like it.  This shirt is also available in white.

Erin, Amanda, and Christina received a shirt from All Sport Couture too!  Check out who their favorite teams are, what shirts they got, and what they thought about them.I received the Blown Coverage halter- Eagles style!!  I opted to go with Eagle’s green, but it comes in white, too.  It is DARLING!!  I was shocked at the quality of the top.  It is made extremely well.  It has a built in shelf bra with removable pads.  The pads aren’t big ol thick, the shirt stands on it’s own pads, they just make sure no one else knows if you are cold  The logo is good size and very well done, as well as the EAGLES name across the back of the shirt.  I got a medium and I felt like it was very true to size.  It wasn’t too tight anywhere but snug enough for me in the body.  I love the length of the shirt, you don’t want to be cheering for your team and feel like your gut is hanging out!  Over all, I was extremely impressed with this shirt…now I can’t wait for football season!

I love football and football season! There is nothing better than Sunday afternoons relaxing on the couch watching a sporty football game! I grew up watching them with my dad and now I think I watch more football than my own husband! Truth!  I received the Minnesota Vikings Double Team Cami with mesh top from All Sports Couture.  I am a Texas girl and if they had Cowboys gear I would have chose to support them as they are my home team.  The Vikings are my next favorite, as I was born in Minnesota and grew up loving them as well! Initially, I loved that the top could be worn as just the cami alone or with the mesh over the top! Very versatile and I like options! When my Double Team top arrived I was so happy with the quality and design of both tops and how well they pair together. The cami is a great length, nice and thick with a built in shelf bra and removable pads and the mesh top is so soft and with it’s ruching detail on the sleeves and sides, is adorable over it! I am still in the process of dropping a few pounds so it fits a little snug right now, but by mid football season, it’ll fit like a glove, I just know it! I loved all the different styles offered at All Sports Couture; they really add style and sass to women’s sports wear!

All Sport Couture clothing is NOT for the frumpy and timid.  No ladies, you better get your Beyonce on because wearing their clothing will make you feel hot and sexy!!  Where were they when I was in college?!  Feeling sexy is not usually how you feel when you’re a stay at home momma who is exhausted from being pulled every which way.  I have noticed though, paying more attention to how I look now that my daughters are just shy of their teenage years. As my girls become more independent, I have more time to focus on me!  When I received my Houston Texans WildKat shirt from All Sport Couture and put it on, I blushed! My husbands reaction was a tad different; “oh yeah” was his comment. Since I’m kinda modest, I’ll admit, I will most likely be wearing this top with a jacket when I’m out in public. The quality of this garment is noticeably well-crafted with its premium stretch/mesh fabric and durable appliqued logo. There is also a built-in shelf bra with removable light pads to offer coverage…..a must with the white version I received. In the picture I took you’ll notice the sheer and form fitting nature of the fabric….. the waistband of my leggings is easily seen as well as some skintone…food for thought. All Sport Couture has created a fun line on NFL sports apparel that is unique, flirty, and perfect for the Pro football fan looking for attire that will make heads turn on game day!  (This shirt is also available in navy)

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