Versatile Great For Baby Tiny Love 3 In 1 Napper Review

I recently had the opportunity to review a Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper. I must say this is one great baby item that every mom should have when her children are babies! I love the versatility it offers as it can be used in not 1 way, but 3! It grows with baby and eliminated the need of additional baby items.Putting it together did take me some extra time. First off, I started putting it together and when I got to the part where I needed to put in the 4 screws, ughhh there were only 3 in my bag. Just my luck!?!!! Tiny Love customer service was great. I called them up on the phone and they said they would get them right out to me. Four days later they arrived and I finished putting it together. I did get a bit confused by the directions on a few parts, since it was just images and no wording on how to do each part. I would say it took me about 45 minutes to put together due to having to wait for the screws and also interruptions by my kiddos. I am betting with no interruptions it’s about a half an hour project.

Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper is not only great because it can be used in 3 different ways, but it’s also very easy to use. With one hand I am able to switch it in and out of the three positions. I love that the pad inside is removable so I can easily wash it when needed. Babies are very very messy. It’s a great item to have when traveling or going to the grandparents. It’s small enough to put in the car and take with you. Then you always have a bed for baby!
Here’s just how it works.

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