Max Ruby Everybunny Loves Spring

I have a hard time letting my children watch just any cartoons. Some cartoons are just not age appropriate or the characters just don’t talk very nice to each other.  I want to make sure that I am teaching my children to treat each other with respect from a very young age.  So, from the very first time I watched the cartoon called “Max & Ruby” on Nickelodeon I knew this was one cartoon that would help my children to know how to be nice to each other.  Ruby is Max’s big sister and she is always trying to teach Max the right way to do things.  Even when he is pestering her she never gets frustrated or speaks out of turn. I love how Ruby is always showing love for her little brother and in turn he shows love for Ruby!  What a great example!!

Hop For Joy Because Max And Ruby Are Celebrating Spring With Twelve New-to-dvd Episodes In Max & Ruby:

Everybunny Loves Spring! Enjoy over an hour and half of fun as Max and Ruby jump through exciting springtime adventures together! Created by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution, Max & Ruby: Everybunny Loves Spring! will be released on DVD on February 11, 2014 for the retail price of $14.99.


Get ready to hop into spring season with Max and Ruby! Ruby thinks she has a lot to teach her little brother Max, but he’s got his own big ideas. Enjoy their sweet, springtime sibling rivalry in these 12 funny bunny adventures!

Episodes and Synopses:

■ Max & Ruby’s Groundhog Day- It’s Groundhog Day and Ruby hopes that East Bunnyhop Bill finally comes out of his hole. Max reveals that he knows a secret about groundhogs.
■ Ruby’s First Robin of Spring- Ruby spots a group of robins and encourages them to return to their backyard, but Max wants to play construction site in his sandbox.
■ Grandma’s Geraniums- Ruby wants to plant her Grandma’s geranium pots to surprise her. Meanwhile, Max sets out to build a spectacular castle.
■ Max’s Ducky Day- Ruby needs Max’s help to throw a perfect Earth Day costume Party, but Max only wants to dig in the dirt.
■ Ruby’s Earth Day Checklist- Ruby makes a checklist to help her plan her Earth Day Party. She has lots to do, but Max would rather look at nature than help Ruby with party planning.
■ Ruby’s Earth Day Party- The day of the party has finally arrived and Ruby has to clean up the park for Earth Day. Max tries to help duckling reunite with its mama.
■ Ruby Gets the Picture- Bunny Scouts Ruby and Louise are on the hunt for an unusual insect when they get unexpected help from Max.
■ Ruby’s Birdie- Max is launching rockets, but unfortunately they’re interrupting Ruby in her quest to achieve her personal best score in badminton.
■ Max Plays Catch- Ruby is having a lovely garden party with Grandma but it might be ruined by Max and Roger’s game of catch.
■ Max’s Nightlight- Max searches for a nightlight on his dark camping trip. He finds one in an unexpected and beautiful way.
■ Ruby’s Bird Walk- Ruby goes on a bird walk to earn her Bird Spotting Badge for Bunny Scouts. She brings popcorn to attract the birds, but Max keeps trying to eat it.
■ Max Goes Fishing- While Ruby tries to earn her Bunny Scout Canoeing Badge, Max attempts to catch a “Big One!”

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