Color Your World

I love to watch the show Shark Tank.  I love that they feature small businesses that have a great idea and just need some financial backing.  There are stay at home moms, Etsy type companies and sometimes a little guy with a big idea.  Anyway you look at it, they are all entrepreneurs looking for their big break.  I don’t love all of the ideas/products that are on the show, but this one is a winner!!U-Lace was recently featured on Shark Tank!  U-Lace is the result of a deliberate effort by global trend-spotter and U-Lace founder Tim Talley  to find an idea for a new product that could transform the world in a way that was exciting, creative, innovative, and empowering all at the same time.  That idea was found in Harajuku, Tokyo – one of the coolest places on the planet. Fittingly U-Lace was named the #1 Hot New Trend product in Japan.Distributed in over 40 countries and sold in some of the worlds hottest shops, including Colette in Paris, U-Lace is rapidly changing the way people lace up and how they express themselves from head to toe.

Tooele, Utah is not Paris or Tokyo but we eventually find cool trends….sometimes years after they are considered cool.  But we are on top of this one!  U-Lace sent my kids a few packs of their fun colored laces.  They all immediately went crazy over them and had to find the perfect shoes to accessorize with them.  All 3 of my girls brought me shoes and the lacing began.  (I am making Austin wait until he gets new shoes…I am not wasting his cool laces in his disgusting shoes.  He has a pack of red and blue waiting for him.)  Hailee went with plain black canvas.  April and Mia picked out some patterned tennies.  These little stretchy laces were all over my bed while the girls decided which colors and patterns to use on their shoes.  U-Lace sent us a little pamphlet that had a bunch of different ways to lace, so they girls picked the pictures they liked and I did my best to lace.  Each lace is about 3 inches long and has an aglet (I always wanted to use that word in sentence–Austin helped me out with it, thanks to Phiness and Ferb) on each end.  The aglet is only sealed on one end, the other end is kind of open so it folds into the lace.  That way is can go through the eyelet and then open on the other side so the lace stays put.

You can use as many different colors as you have eyelets in your shoes!  U-Lace offers over 40 different colors so you are sure to be able to find the perfect color to match your tennies, cheer-leading uniform, or just your favorite outfit!  They are so easy to use.  Instead of your shoes tying, they just slip on and because each of the laces are elastic, your shoes stay tight.  Hailee says “I love that they are so easy to get on.”  My girls love the fact that they don’t have to tie their shoes!!  April told me “They save me a lot of time.”  Not sure how long it takes to tie your shoes, but she said she didn’t have to get out of line in gym class to tie her shoes.

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