Disney Frozen On Blu Ray Dvd Digital Copy

Do you want to build a snowman….One of the many classic lines my kids are now repeating over and over from the hit movie Frozen.Check out their expressions when our copy arrived in the mail last week…Squeals were heard!!I have always been a Disney fan, but I haven’t had a ‘favorite’ Disney film in some time. I think the last one I saw that took me back and made me go WOW was the Lion King, the music was phenomenal and I still sing the songs now and again. Then we saw Frozen. I was blown away. I loved this film. I think it is my new top favorite in the Disney movie collection. My children also love it. They know every song and love singing them daily. Our favorite song “let it go” also won an Oscar along with Best animated feature of the year. We were very thrilled. I can’t even tell you how many times we have watched the film since arriving. Enough to make my husband sick of the music. LOL. If you haven’t seen this movie while it was in theatres, then you MUST purchase it for your home movie collection. And if you did see it in the theatre then I am sure you want to purchase it. It’s worth every penny.

We also loved the bonus features. Our favorite:

The making of Frozen. It had my kids laughing and singing along. It was super fun to watch. I loved seeing the characters from the movie in real life singing.

Other Special Features Included:

The Making Of Frozen: People want to know how movies are made, this piece will do that for you. Hosts Kristen Bell, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff take you deep into the Disney Animation Studios on a musical tour written by composers Kristen Anderson Lopez & Robert Lopez. Directed By Kenny Ortega
D’frosted: Disney’s Journey From Hans Christian Anderson to Frozen: While Frozen is a new and unique fairy tale, the story of Hans Christian Anderon’s The Snow Queen was one of Walt Disney’s projects in development for years. Through research and never before seen concept artwork by Marc Davis, we take a look at the legacy of this story and how it lead the way for Frozen.

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