Free Your Toes And The Rest Will Follow

Now that my son is born I am on a “Better Than Before” kick.  That is my new motto.  I want to be better than before in all areas of life.  I want my house to be cleaner, my patience to be longer, and my body to fitter.  All in all I want to have a better, richer (not money…but I would take it), and fuller life.  I am working hard and I am bringing along FREETOES.

FREETOES are toeless socks that will take you from A to Z.  These cool socks were designed by a creative 8 year old girl, Kate.  Kate loved her flip flops but when the weather got cold her mom wanted her feet to be warm.  In order to keep wearing her favorite footwear Kate developed FREETOES. FREETOES sent me 3 pairs to try out…Ballerina Pink, Camo, and Little Black Dress.  I am excited to get a lot of use out of these!

In an effort to keep my feet looking better than before, I recently went and got a pedicure.  Just after she put on all the lotion and before she painted my nails, I slipped on my FREETOES.  The nail tech was impressed.  Not only was all the yummy lotion going to soak into my feet, but my feet were going to stay clean as I walked through the mall in their fake flip flops.  (Yes…I wore the wrong shoes to get my nails done.  Mom moment….)  I liked that my feet stayed moisturized and clean.  I paid good money for that and I wanted it to last–not to mention this mommy doesn’t get to take care of her feet like she used to.  (Thanks a lot kids! ;-p)  FREETOES did the trick.  They will be especially great when I make the same walk in the winter!  Nails protected and feet warm and soft.

You know you are jealous of those fake flops!

When it comes to getting my body in better shape than before, I am going to be hitting barre classes.  You know, the ballet barre workout classes.  It is like dance and pilates on steroids!  In the class you want to wear socks so your feet can easily slide on the floor but normal socks would make it too slippery.  Enter FREETOES!  With FREETOES you get the grip of your toes but the coverage on your foot for easy foot manipulation.  Can’t wait to get to class and show these bad boys off! Not only are these socks good for pedicure and barre classes, they are great for yoga and dance.  They are also great for cool night when you want to wear your flip flops but need to keep your feet a little warmer.  Wear them with peep toe booties…show your toes and keep your booties from getting smelly.  There are so many times when you can wear these socks.  You are sure to get great use out of them.

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