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You might have heard horrific stories about builders running away with money , budgets spiralling out of control and sites left half finished. The vast majority of builders are however professional and capable and you can eventually rely on them .You should carefully choose your builder to avoid getting into bad experiences .So here are some of the things you should keep in mind while choosing the right builder for your home.

Research on the builders available

A good start is searching builders based on your future home’s location. What is important here is that you should browse through builder portfolios and past floor plans. You could also ask from your friends and relatives who have already built custom homes and get a list of potential builders for your home. You will get a list of builders in Auckland when you search on the Internet.


While choosing builder of your choice it is also important to know if your builder is rightly certified. Certifications such as, ISO will provide credibility to the builder and ultimately to your investment. Of course your builder must also have all other certifications pertaining to the building construction handy.

Specialist vs general builder

You should choose your builder as per your needs and budget.While some builders construct a broad range of homes, many builders also specialize in a specific type of home, price range, or style.  A good general builder is perfectly capable of converting an attic or building out a basement. Whereas a specialist builder is one who specialises in areas like bathroom decor and the like. These renovation specialists in Auckland will take care of all your needs without you having to worry about anything.

Maintain transparency

Some of the best builders to work with are fully transparent and happy to answer every question from the start. They will give you a timeline and a comprehensive estimate in a prompt manner. They will tell you their building philosophy and what products they use. And, they’ll tell you their relationship with contractors and all the different people who will be helping build your home.

Work on the cost

There’s no point in gathering building quotes first  because many of the builders may not be appropriate for your project. So do your research first, narrow the field, and only then start asking for prices from the builders. Remember cheapest isn’t always best . Selecting a builder that has given a quote that is significantly less than other quotes may lead to future issues if in fact the builder has made an error with the quote. The last thing you want is for the builder to take shortcuts and charge for variations down the track.

Look for expertise

The real question is whether they have the skills you need. If they only have experience in renovations and extensions, they’re not the right choice for your home. It’s also important to note that builders who have only built residential properties in the past may not necessarily have a good grasp of the complexities of extensions and renovations.

Warranty and after service

One of the advantages of new construction is that your home and systems it contains are brand-new and under warranty. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that major repairs or a new roof are likely years away is important. In addition, look for a structural warranty on the home. Also look for a builder who provides prompt and courteous service under warranty and who takes time to explain the proper maintenance and care that any home needs. Your Builders limited will take care of all your needs just at the right time without you getting into trouble.

A property is a long-term investment and most importantly a costly one. Spend time researching on the builder, the location and amenities before choosing a project. It is always better to be thorough in your choice rather than facing issues in future. Also seek a lawyer’s assistance before you sign any contract with the builder. Remember that once you sign a contract, you are liable to follow all the terms of the contract.


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