After Home Relocation: This is What You Should Do First

Home Relocation is not an easy process as it seems. What if your expensive crockery gets broken during moving? The misery of going without a cell phone or laptop for a day or two and numbers of other concerns can give you sleepless nights. A successful move doesn’t mean everything is achieved, there are certain things that also needs to accomplish after relocation. If you have no clue what things to do after home relocation, don’t stress yourself. To make things more easier for you we have mentioned some important guidelines:

Look over home furniture and kitchen appliances

It is always recommended to hire removals and storage services specialists. Since they have the right equipment and know right strategies for a successful move. After relocation when things start getting unpacked start checking on the appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, stove, dishwasher and others to ensure nothing was damaged during relocation. In case of any damage at least you will be able to make a claim.  

Also, check the furniture properly if no scratches or damages has occurred while moving. You will get the copy of an inventory list by movers, so go through that and check everything arrived or not. It should be the first priority before movers leave. Otherwise, insurance or moving company may not compensate you.

Setting Up Utilities

The last thing that no one wants to deal with after you arrive at your new home and the lights won’t work. So, first make sure your electricity utilities are working properly. Also, ensure your all required electronics are fixed and installed accurately by movers. Though they are the experienced professionals, there is no harm to check once for the safety. Since you will need these items on a regular basis, so it is better to be completely safe. Don’t forget to check if all windows and doors are properly moving.  


If you are hiring professional packing and movies services company- F&M Bennett & Son, then make sure to collect receipt after the job. Keep all documentation and receipts related to your home relocation in one file. You can use them for any future claims.

Know Your New Neighbourhood

If you have moved to a new city, then it’s obvious for you to not know about the area around. To connect with your new neighbours and to know more about your region, you can buy a subscription of community magazine or local newspaper. Get involved in camps or seminars arranged there and have interactive talks.

Find a good school around

Finding a school in a new city can become a daunting and stressful task for you if done after moving. It is recommended to research well about the schools before you move. Register your children immediately as it will help them to adjust easily.

Register your vehicle and register to vote

If you have moved countries, states, or provinces make sure you register your car so that you can get a new driver’s license, plates or tags for your cars. Check your local Department of Motor Vehicle for more details and information. Also, update all important documents and files with your new address and register to vote.

Find New Professionals

After moving into a new city or state, finding new professionals like a dentist, doctor and vet can put you off for a bit but during an emergency, you will know who to call.

Make Emergency Contact List

After you move, make sure to create an emergency contact list, you may require them any time.

Update Postal Address and Contact Insurance company

Whether you are shifting within a city or away, updating your postal address should be your first priority.

If you are moving to a new city it is important to check whether you need to create new policies with a new company or you are currently covered.  

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