Egg Trodinary Kitchen Tools

I have been trying to eat healthier lately.  To me this mean eating clean, whole food.  One of the changes I have made is eating clean, healthy protein.  One of my go to proteins is eggs.  They are healthy, low calorie, and provide great nutrients.  I love making omelets packed with green peppers, mushrooms, and onions.  Top it off with tomatoes or salsa and you have a great meal!  With the help of Tovolo your eggs can be easy to make and be quite tasty.60% of the protein in eggs is in the egg whites.  10% of the fat found in eggs is in the whites.  So eating more white than yolk will have you losing weight and feeling great in no time.  When I make omelets I use just egg whites.  When I make scrambled eggs I will use mostly whites and a yolk to give it a little more flavor.  Separating the white from the yolk can be a little tricky though.

If you don’t have the perfect crack it can make separating tricky.  I don’t like the feel of eggs in my hands so I don’t like to use my fingers to separate them.  I have use several separators before that end up breaking the yolk, causing me to toss all the whites and start again.  GRR! Tovolo creates kitchen tools that out perform other brands.  They have so many practical things that just make kitchen life easier.  As far as eggs goes I really like the Yolk Out…the pretty little yellow, squishy thing above.  It is so simple to use to separate your white from you yolk.  Just crack the egg into your pan and suck the yolk off! Now I know you can only eat so many omelets, scrambled eggs, or even sunny side up eggs.  I also know that not everyone in the family wants these.  So mix it up a little and poach your eggs.  What?  Don’t know how to poach and egg?  Me either.  And according to Gordon Ramsey on MasterChef, it is extremely difficult to get a perfectly poached egg.  Well, not anymore!  Tovolo also has Poach Perfect!

These poaching bags makes poaching an egg super, duper easy.  Take it from a first time poacher. Simply put the bag in a cup, crack the egg into it, and place in a pot of slow rolling boiling water.  4-6 minutes later you will have the perfect poached egg.  Use these to make eggs benedict, serve with asparagus, or place on top of a salad.  My hubby tried my first poached egg and said, “YUM!  It tastes just like an Egg McMuffin.  Now all I need is a slab of ham and a piece of toast!”  He was in love. Tovolo makes many other kitchen tools that have nothing to do with eggs.  So if eggs aren’t your thing Tovolo can still be a great place to shop.  Another tool they sent me is a Pasta Rake.  This can be use for much more than pasta though.  Use it to serve up  salads, chicken, fruit, and more!  It is just a good tool used to hold food in place while bringing it from the serving bowl to your plate.  I used mine recently for a fruit salad.  It was easy and even the kids could use it.

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