Keep That Upholstery Naturally Clean

My house is under attack… from two little munchkins! Lady is crawling like crazy and has now mastered pulling up…on everything she can get her hands on! That means that if something isn’t securely anchored or out of reach, it’s hers and on the floor… and with her lightning fast reaches sometimes the things I think she can’t get… well… she can! There have been a couple of near misses involving her and my green smoothie. And don’t even ask me about all the sticky finger messes we have with Peanut running around! And on the flip side, we are in full potty training mode with Peanut. He is to the point where I need to just commit to keeping him in underwear and facing the numerous wet pants he will have for a while as we get past this stage.

I just need to get myself mentally prepared to follow him around with fabric/carpet cleaner everywhere he goes! So with both of those scenarios,  we are in need for some cleaning help. And as perfect timing would have it, I was given the chance to try out some amazing fabric cleaner by Simply Spotless New York. This is not your average cleaner. And like most upholstery cleaners, it is made from naturally derived ingredients and has earned the EPA’s “Design for the Environment” certification and has also outperformed the competition on common stains in independent laboratory testing. This is music to my ears! I LOVE the fact that it is environmentally friendly,  which means that I feel good spraying it where my babies are. It also has a great light and neutral smell, unlike most upholstery cleaners I’ve used.

And it looks nice and classy too a bonus so I don’t mind it sitting out on my bathroom counter for those quick emergencies! Me and my Simply Spotless against the potty training adventures! So bring on the spilled green smoothies or accidents on the couch. I officially am prepared. You can find it Simply Spotless Fabric Cleaner online for $18 for a 16 oz. bottle. Simply Spotless New York Fabric Cleaner is Real Mom Recommended! Me and my Simply Spotless against the potty training adventures!  Are you in need of some cleaning help of your own? Simply Spotless New York is giving away a 16 oz bottle of Fabric Cleaner to one lucky winner!

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