Get Ready with the Packing Materials Checklist for your Next Renovation

The dust and debris that are spread across a home during renovations is the headache of everyone! Cleaning meticulously each nook and cranny can take ages. So, the experts say to plan ahead. Start packing your things up as soon as the date is set for renovations! You may not be moving from one property to the other, but you will be moving around the house. Do you want to brush your teeth with a toothbrush full of dust? Disgusting, right?!

So, get ready to pack all your things, so that moving from one room to the other is easier. Many companies like Adams SelfStore offer packing material to help you find everything faster. Did you know that some of these companies even offer to pack the things for you, and they offer self storage services as well? You get to keep your things safe till renovations are complete.

Checklist of Packing Material Essential for Effective Packing & Storing

People out there, cleaning the household is a big job! So, we can imagine the horror that you have to face after a renovation is complete. The horror gets doubled (even tripled), when you have to face cleaning furniture, electronic appliances and even your personal items. Experts understand the issues you have to deal with, once these problems creep in, so we present for you a checklist. This checklist presents those things you need to have for packing to keep your things safe and clean.

The checklist includes:


The companies have boxes of various sizes, from small to large. Some even have wardrobe boxes. Most companies provide boxes for smaller items, but nowadays larger boxes are also readily available. So, just browse through the store and pick out the boxes that you need to safely store all your household items.

Bubble Wrap

You must have some glassware, from beautiful vases to expensive crockery. You have to wrap them up in bubble wrap before placing them in storage. If you do not do this, you run the risk of damaging it all. If you plan on buying new crockery and glassware, then no worries! But, do you really want to get rid of all the fragile items in your home? Some may have precious memories entwined around them! Buy enough bubble wrap to keep them safe.

Packing Peanuts

When you fill up the boxes, you will find that not all things are of the same size. This can end up causing harm to the boxes and items within the box! The packing peanuts come to your rescue. Fill up the boxes with packing peanuts and see them settling in all the empty spaces. Now the things in the box will not move around, saving them from any harm.


You need to have tape of various kinds, especially the heavy-duty variety. Once you have filled the boxes, you will have to tape them shut. Otherwise, what is the use of such elaborate packing? Do not take it easy. Get enough tape to wrap the box to your heart’s content. Make sure there are no cracks or areas, from where dirt and debris can enter.


When moving from one room to another, boxes can get mixed up! Suppose you were in the bedroom, while the kitchen and drawing rooms were being renovated. Once they get to the bedroom, you have shifted to another bedroom, so boxes keep adding up. When the time comes to open the boxes in the right room, you will have to open up each of them. Why go through so much confusion? All you need to do is mark them according to the rooms! The markers come handy under such circumstances.

Stress-free and clean! These should be the words describing your renovations experience. Follow this checklist and get the right materials. Even if the company does the wrapping for you, keep an eye on what they use. If they skip any one step, you can spot them and make them complete it.  Have a relaxed renovation! No need to worry about dusting as well, because the renovation crew takes care of that aspect.


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