Four Stages Of Swaddling Summer Infant

I am a firm believer in swaddling. It’s the only thing they helped me get sleep and keep my sanity with my babies. I was first introduced to swaddling by my sister when she had her first baby. I was amazed at how well he slept each night and that he was sleeping through the night by the age of 3 months. Impressed I was determined to give swaddling ago when I had children. Thus said, I did it. I swaddled all three of my babies and would highly recommend it to any mom Summer Infant offers a great line to help any mom who needs sleep with their stages. They were very generous and sent me all four stages of their swaddling products.

Starting with stage 1:

SwaddlePod. It’s perfect for the newborn and one of my first favorites. It features a full length zipper and basically puts your baby in a safe pod that is similar to the womb. My babies loved it and we used it every night.

Stage 2:

SwaddleMe wraps. Similar to the pod, but you are able to help baby stay on their backs (which is very important) since they start to wiggle as they get older.  My babies always hit that ‘startle reflux’ when I put them to bed and if they weren’t swaddled it would wake them right up and I would have a crying baby on my hands.

Stage 3:

SwaddleMe WrapSack this sack is great because it’s about that time when you can start swaddling baby without their arms in. While I still generally tuck babies arms in it’s great when they hit that point of transition. I just love these Sacks because they let this mama know that her baby is staying warm and safe while sleeping.

Stage 4:

ComfortMe wearable blanket. This blanket features a swaddle and sleep sack in one. Great for baby as they learn to sleep without a swaddle, as you can put one arm in, both, or none. Great for keeping baby warm too especially in those winter months.

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