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Being a mom of two has been a fun little change for me.  I am loving having two little boys in the house.  Sure it is A LOT of work, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  One thing I am really loving is looking for clothes that are for big brother and for little brother.  I just think it is so cute to see Beckham wearing a shirt that says No. 1 Big Brother.  The truth is, dressing boys is just plain fun!

Sissy Boo Boutique, run by Kylie Larsen, is a great Etsy shop that sells handmade baby clothes and accessories.  She hand dyes onesies, makes bowties and ties, and creates the cutest hand painted shirts.  This cute mommy does all of it during her son’s naptime.  How about that for accomplishment!?
Kylie created a set of big brother/ little brother shirts for Beckham and Blake.  These adorable matching shirts are a custom order just for me!  That is how awesome Kylie is.  In fact, she loves doing custom orders for little ones.

Beckham’s tee is a Garanimals white tee and Blake’s onesie is a Just for You by Carter’s.  Both are nice and thick and not the cheap see-through type.  Kylie mixes her own ink colors so when she says she can customize products for you, she means it.  The fabric ink she uses is made to last through washing and wearing without fading.  Good thing because these shirts are stinkin’ cute and will get tons of use out of them.

My Captain and First Mate are my pride and joy.  Even though they aren’t twins it is fun to dress them in matching outfits.  There is nothing cuter than seeing my little guys in big brother/ little brother shirts.
Not only is Kylie a dream to work with but her products last!  When Beckham was little I reviewed Sissy Boo Boutique.  (Read that review HERE)  The onesies, suit pants, and hair clip we previously received have held up nicely.   Beckham wore his onesies like crazy (and got tons of compliments on them) and they still look new.  The hand dyed monster onesie never faded and the applique stay stitched on perfectly.  The tie oneise stayed looking nice and crisp and ready for church.  The suit pants are a dream.  These little cute pants stayed looking new and wore well.  I can’t wait until Blake is old enough to wear these hand-me-downs.
Sissy Boo Boutique sells cute little boys and adorable little girl clothes and accessories.  Stop by the Etsy shop anddrool over the sweet creations.   While you are there, pick up something for your little cutie!
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