Skincare For Your Tween

During adolescence hormones make young developing bodies go haywire.  Your sweet little angel child begins to have mood swings and all sorts of physical changes that turn their, and your, life upside down.  Over the last several years I’ve been experiencing  these changes with my daughers.  At moments I love the almost “adult” like conversations we have together about what they want to do when they grow up or which boys they think are cute, but other moments I could pull my hair out when they don’t want to listen because they “know best”.  Ugh!!
One thing I do have control over is purchasing products for them that help with issues, like skin, as they transition through this phase.  Because I know that so many adult and teen formulations are filled with harsh chemicals, it is important to me to provide my daughter with gentle but effective skin products, like those from Ottlie & Lulu.  Ottlie & Lulu offers a whole line of skincare that is made with anti-oxidants, vitamins and botanicals, that not only are good for my daughter’s skin, but are a wonderful introduction to proper hygiene for a young girl.  I don’t think you can ever start too young in taking care of your skin.  This includes learning to wash the face, moisturize it and protect it with sunscreen.  Studies have shown that most skin damage occurs before we are adults, so why not proactively aid your child in developing great habits for the future.  They’ll thank you when their middle aged!
Ottlie & Lulu sent Miss S. their Morning & Night Gel Cleanser, Everyday Facial Moisturizer and Sunscreen, Facial Wipes, Skin Blemish Treatment and Morning Pure Facial Moisturizer to get her started on the road to great skin.  Something you should know about my youngest daughter is that she is “by the book”.  When I tell her to do a task a certain way, she follows directions…..(wish my oldest would do this, ha!), so I didn’t have to tell her twice how to use the Ottlie & Lulu line, or remind her to use it.  She has been using it everyday for the last two weeks and loves it!  Last year, she got to have a real “Spa” facial and she said that the scent of Ottlie & Lulu’s products reminded her of her “amazing” facial.  It smells lightly herbal and refreshing.  The Morning & Night Cleanser and wipes, remove dirt, leaving her skin sweat free and clean, but still soft.  With fair skin and freckles, a sunscreen is a must.  The combination Everyday Facial Moisturizer & Sunscreen is wonderful.  It protects her skin while at recess each afternoon during school and keeps skin supple.
Miss S. has been developing little pimples on her chin and forehead, so the Blemish Treatment is alleviating clogged pores without being drying or causing irritation .  In the future, I’d imagine it could be necessary to use stronger products, as most teen hormones get out of control, but for our purposes with mild skin bumps, Ottlie & Lulu’s products work.  I am thrilled that my daughter has taken to her routine so well.  I can feel good knowing these natural skincare products are good for her and are reinforcing a lifetime of healthy habits!
Real Mom & Daughter Approved!
Give your Tween-age daughter the right start to healthy skincare with the right products, from Ottlie & Lulu!
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