Making Eating Outdoor Better

I love eating outdoors in the spring, summer, and fall.  I love the fresh air.  I love the seasonal foods.  I love great company.  Whether you are eating on your back deck, at a campsite, or on a houseboat it is important that you eat on clean surfaces and prepare your food correctly.  No one wants to eat dirty food on a dirty surface. A little bit ago I introduced you to Better Life, a company that has created a “new line of all natural, safe cleaning products that truly work.”  Their products are safe “plant derived and are cruelty, fragrance, sulfate and petroleum free” and safe to use around kids and pets while at the same time being good for the planet.

Better Life has created products for all of your cleaning needs.  From floors to clothes and from granite to glass there is something for every task.  Better Life products aren’t toxic.  Paws can be licked and fingers can go in mouths without me worrying about chemicals that could make my little ones sick.  These products are all natural and don’t have fumes that make me choke and gag.
With the warm weather upon us and my love for eating outdoors, I was really excited when Better Life sent me some great products to use to help me prepare for my outdoor parties and everyday eating.

Here are the Products I Received:

  • General Purpose Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – the green cloth – $1.99
  • Glass & Polishing Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – the blue cloth –
  • $5.99What-EVER! Natural All Purpose Cleaner – $6.99I CAN SEE
  • CLEARLY, WOW! Window and Glass Cleaner – $6.99
  • Produce Wash – $6.99

When I received these I couldn’t wait to start cleaning.  Call me crazy but I have been loving my past Better Life products so I was excited to try a few new things.  Last time I received the what-EVER! Natural All Purpose Cleaner I used it on the range hood, litter box, and kitchen counter tops.  Since then I have loved it so much I have continued using it throughout my house.  This time I put it to use outside.  I cleaned our folding tables and chairs that have been collection dust in the garage.  Now they are ready to be used this weekend for my son’s outdoor birthday party.  I surprised my hubby by cleaning up the outside of the grill.  Just a little spray and a wipe and the dirt and gross were gone.  Now the grill is ready for a Father’s Day BBQ.  For both projects I used the General Purpose Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.  Not only did I save tons of paper towels but I used cloth that could hold up and not rip, like paper towels.  I throw this cloth in the washer and it comes out clean every time.

Next I used the Glass & Polishing Microfiber Cleaning Cloth and the I CAN SEE CLEARLY, WOW! Window and Glass Cleaner to clean the windows of the back door.  This door collects little finger prints on the inside and dirt and dust on the outside.  With a birthday party and BBQ coming up I wanted to make sure that these windows were looking good and not gross.  This cloth and cleaner worked like a charm!  If you have an all glass door beware!  The door will be so clear and see through you may end up with people walking right into it.   I also put this to the test on my car windows, inside and out.  Now my car looks like I had it detailed.  The glass, mirrors, and ever dashboard are looking nice, clean, streak free, and film free.  ( I would show you before and afters of my back door and car windows but you can’t see the difference in the pictures.  Just trust me when I say, “Bye bye sickness!”) Lastly I received the Produce Wash.  I haven’t ever used produce wash on my fruits and veggies before.  Up until now i have always used just plan old cold water.  The Produce Wash removed dirt, pesticides, wax, film, and other residues.  I put this to the test on my cucumber…a classic waxy veggie.

I just sprayed it on, rubbed it with my hands, and rinsed it off.  Like magic the cucumber’s waxy feeling with gone.  It felt like I had pulled it right from my own garden.  I can’t wait to use this on lettuce, strawberries, apples, and more.  Summer time is the perfect time for fruits and veggies and the Better Life Produce Wash will be used like crazy this summer.  I mean, who doesn’t want their yummy fruits and veggies to taste fresher and be cleaner? (Waxy vs. non waxy doesn’t really show in pictures.  So just drool on these fruits that you can use the produce wash on.) Better Life has great products for your outdoor fun.  Take them camping and clean off your picnic tables and roasting sticks. Stick them in your camping trailer and keep counter tops, bathrooms, and windows clean and germ free. Prepare your backyard and home for backyard BBQ’s and family fun. These extremely affordable products will clean your surfaces and your food while keeping your kids and pets safe from toxic chemicals and strong fumes.

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