Are You Ready for 1st Grade Game Show

Have you ever wondered if your child is ready to move on to the next grade? As the  school year is coming to an end I can’t help but wonder if my twins are ready for 1st grade. Kindergarten is was a huge adjustment for my twins and I want to be sure that I am doing the right thing by sending them to 1stgrade. Lakeshore has come out with the perfect solution for finding this out.  They have a game called “Are You Ready for 1st Grade? Game Show”. My twins, Traven and McKenzie, were so excited about this game.  They love board games anyway, but they love to show me how smart they are so this was perfect!


How to Play:

  • Divide the game cards into three stacks: Language (blue), Math (purple), and Challenge (green)

  • Place cards onto the game stand according to topic and dollar amount shown on game card.

  • After you set up the game as a contestant to select a card from the game stand.

  • Show the card to your child as you read it out load. (They might need a pencil and paper to work out the answer.)

  • If your child answers correctly give them the amount of play money that is indicated on the back of the game card. Place game card in the compartment of the discard tray that says correct.  

  • If the child answers incorrectly place game card into the incorrect compartment of discard tray and move on without awarding any money.

  • Continue playing until all game cards have been answered including challenge questions.

  • At the end of the game ask your child to hand in their reward money for a reward coupon good for a prize that you have chosen.

One of my favorite features of “Are You Ready For 1st Grade? Game Show” is that you can fill out the score tracker sheet by putting an X by each number that your child missed.  Then you can go to and enter the number of cards that your child has missed.  In a matter of seconds you will receive:

  • A detailed evaluation that helps you to see where your child might need a little more practice.

  • FREE printable activities that target those skills that will help your child practice.

  • Lakeshore will even recommend any additional products that might help your child to practice and build the skills they are having trouble with.

After you have played Games 1-5 you can move to Game 6, which is an Advanced Play Game. During this game it covers skills that will be learned during 1st grade.  After Game 6 you can also go to and check your child’s progress and skills. Most states base education on Common Core Standards, and each “Are You Ready? Game Show” is aligned to the Common Core State Standards that your child should know before they enter their next grade. I am excited to use “Are You Ready for 1st Grade? Game Show” this summer to ensure that Traven and McKenzie keep the skills they need for 1st grade fresh in their mind. I love to see my children having fun while learning! It is very gratifying to know that they are exceling with a smile on their face.Traven and McKenzie can even invite some friends over to play this game too! It is perfect for a small group of friends, although, you can play with just one child.  This game is also perfect for home school or even in the classroom for “free time.”