Cozy Cover Sun Bug Cover

I love when it starts to warm up and we are able to spend time outside as a family! One of my favorite things to do as a family is to go camping in the mountains. As many of you know, when there is camping there is bugs.  I realize there are bug sprays that you can use on babies but I really don’t like to use them if I don’t have to. The Cozy Cover Sun and Bug Cover is perfect because it will help to protect my baby from the sun but also those pesky bugs that are trying to eat her! I wish I had the Sun and Bug Cover with the rest of my kids because it would have saved them many bug bites and sun burns!!

The Cozy Cover Sun and Bug Cover is stylish as well. It is designed with stripes and cute polka dots. I always have my diaper bag full so I love how I can fold it up and it won’t take up hardly any space! As I have been out and about I have received many compliments on how well the elastic fits around the car seat. The pull over flap helps my baby to sleep without having direct sunlight to wake her up. I love the fact that the cover helps to protect her from strangers who want to touch her hands and face. (One of my biggest pet peeves) Another feature I love is that you can lift the flap up and my baby can get fresh air through the mesh material while being completely protected.

■Pull down flap provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays and other unfavorable weather conditions
■Protects baby from potentially harmful insects and unwanted touch (great for preemie babies) – Provides a tight secure enclosure
■Self-supporting canopy creates a spacious, well ventilated enclosure for baby
■Safe, backless design as recommended by car seat specialists everywhere
■Easy to store in diaper bag or stroller pouch

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