Define Bottle

As you all know I am really focusing on my health; along with exercising regularly, I am also trying to work on my nutrition. A huge part of proper nutrition is getting in the correct amount of water per day. Hydration is so important and can make all the difference in reaching health and fitness goals, as well as just feeling good in general. I quit drinking soda over a year and a half ago and drink mostly water. As much as I love water, I definitely hit a few days where I struggle to get in all my water as it can get a little bit monotonous. I recently started adding different fruits and herbs to my water to try and make them a little more yummy and fun. Every night before bed I get my morning water bottle fixed up with a few slices of lemon. I keep it in the fridge all night so it’ll be chilled and the lemon will add flavor the water. I was so excited when I saw the Define Bottle on Shark Tank a while back. Created by 15 year old Carter Kostler, a young man with a passion for health; he created the perfect fruit infusion water bottle great for all ages.

The Define Bottle is an eco-chic reusable fruit infusion water bottle to take on the go. The first of its kind, it is designed to be functional yet fashionable. This beautifully crafted infusion bottle is BPA free and made with the finest materials including real bamboo.~Define BottleI was thrilled to receive a Define Bottle Sport Flip Top and when it arrived I instantly washed it and put it to use. I was immediately impressed with the design of the bottle; it’s very sturdy and really pretty to look at. It comes apart in separate sections for easy cleaning and the lower half of the bottle is specifically designed for fruits and herbs to infuse your water with all natural flavors. I have been using this water bottle non stop and it has really helped me keep up with my water intake goals. I really love that the bottle separates the fruits in the bottom section with a strainer piece in the middle. This keeps any seeds or fruit bits from sneaking into the top section to drink but still allows the water to be deliciously infused as the water flows through all sections of the bottle. The Define Bottle is BPA Free and is just very classy looking. I have had several people ask me about it as I carry it with me on errands around town. People are very drawn to it and when they see how it works they are even more excited {as I was}. Infusing water with fruits is just a smart, simple, and natural way to flavor your water and make it a bit more fun to drink. The Define Bottle is simply perfect and I can’t wait to order a few more for gifts and even for myself and my family.

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