1 Face Watch

1 Face Watch is a company I stumbled upon when scrolling through my Instagram feed. I was instantly curious and then in awe as I read about this fabulous and generous company. 1 Face Watch makes several different colored watches each representing a different cause, charity, and metric. When you purchase a watch from 1 Face Watch, you are not only gaining an incredibly cool and well designed watch, but you are supporting an important cause; from feeding children to breast cancer research, 1 Face Watch . Awesome!

Lets Change the World together:

This watch has the power to feed a child, quench a thirst, find a cure and so much more. Each watch represents a different cause, charity, and metric. When you purchase a watch the funds go to our charity partner who uses it to change the world on your behalf. I received a gorgeous white watch from 1 Face Watch; when bought, proceeds go towards Hunger. 1 Watch = food for 10 people. This watch is so much more than a simple watch. It is food for the hungry. That’s pretty powerful. Beyond the incredible causes 1 Face Watch supports, the watch itself is quite impressive and so stylish. The design is sleek and simple with a large watch face that only shows the time and date when you push a button on the side. The band is rubbery and very comfortable.

1 Face Watch is incredibly durable and also water resistant up to 96 feet. With several upcoming holidays and family birthdays, I am definitely going to be gifting a few 1 Face Watches. Everyone can know that with their gift they get an awesome watch and they also give to someone in need. Nothing feels better than that. I have received several compliments when I wear my 1 Face Watch, everyone loves it and the causes each watch supports.

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