Hair Care For Your Littles

My little ones love their hair! For being only 3 & 5 I am actually surprised how much input they want on their hairstyles and hairdo’s; especially Ava! Everyday it’s something new; ponytail, braid, ponytail & a braid…mornings can be exhausting! Tangled Tantrum has most definitely become a huge part of our morning styling sessions and I must say, we are all a little obsessed! Tangled Tantrum is a A NEW line of HAIR PRODUCTS developed specially for children by a very creative and problem solving mama with years of experience in the beauty industry!!I was drawn to the Tangled Tantrum products the very first time I saw them! Their fun, kid friendly designs are really adorable and something I knew my kiddos would be excited about!

I was beyond thrilled to receive a bottle of Detangling Spray and their Separation Anxiety Styling Paste for my two little ones. I have been amazed at how well the Detangling Spray works in Ava’s hair after bath or even a windy outdoor play day! It really helps the brush glide smoothly through her hair and there is no more whining and crying during the process. As long as I spray the Tangled Tantrum she is all for it! Not only does it work amazingly well, but it’s coconut scent smells so fantastic…So much that even I use the Tangled Tantrum Detangling Spray on my own hair after I wash it!The Separation Anxiety Styling Paste works and smells equally wonderful! I have used it in Hollis’ hair to give it a little spike and style, in Ava’s hair to help smooth and hold curls, and even in my own locks to keep my braids nice and smooth! It is such a versatile product that can help achieve so many different looks and definitely not only for boys! You will LOVE  Tangled Tantrum and feel so confident using their products on your children’s hair knowing they are paraben and alcohol free. It really means so much to me when a product is created specifically for children and it truly is safe for them!


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