Who to Cheer for: Squeegee or the Window Cleaning Water-Fed Poles?

Clean and Shiny Windows! Sounds nice, right? The rooms bathe in the bright sunshine, lending the room a soft and warm glow! To top that, you also gain a healthier living space. Who would not want that? But, before all of that, you would need the windows clean first! How can you enjoy the warm sunshine, if the windows are not clean?

A debate that has been going on for ages is whether to use the traditional squeegee for cleaning the windows or to use the trusty window cleaning poles that are water-fed? Many stores and agencies around your location and city, have a huge collection of both kinds of equipment. So, which one is the best for your windows?

  •   Which Route do you take: Squeegee or Pole?

For ages, squeegees have been used to clean window panes!  In recent times, more methods, or rather, equipment has been developed to make the task of cleaning the exterior part of the windows easier. Cleaning a window from the inside is also crucial, but often the exterior is left unclean, which has the same effect as a completely unclean window.

Professionals have been using squeegees on the exterior, but the job is much more complex and dangerous. Here is a clear difference between the two methods and kind of window cleaning equipment:

  1.       A Squeegee: This piece of equipment has a cleaning blade, using which the excess water is scraped off the window panes. The issue that arises with this kind of equipment is the reach. If, you want to clean a window pane, you need to be right in front of it.
  2.       A Pole: This kind of equipment has an extendable pole with a brush fixed at one end. The brush is specially designed and a tube runs through the pole. This helps pump the water through the pole to the window pane, eliminating the problem of reach. Water used in these poles is usually purified water and hence, no need to use chemicals or minerals for cleaning.

Traditional Squeegee VS Water Fed Poles

Who wins your support? Not decided yet? Well, the next part will definitely help you! Here is a quick comparison between the two:

  1.       Reach:

For the really tall projects, you would need an equally tall ladder, when using the squeegee. Now, the hard part, you will need to balance all the cleaning supplies on the tall ladder to clean the windows. Sounds tough! Well, it actually is!

A pole, on the other hand, offers better and farther reach. Some poles can extend to a height of 70 feet. So, you can stay firmly on the ground.

  1.       Safety:

Ladders can be dangerous, especially, when you have to balance the squeegee and all the other cleaning equipment and agents. If you hire cleaners with squeegees, then you will need to worry about the liabilities.

With the water-fed poles, the cleaner stays on the ground reducing the safety risk. You need not worry about anyone falling off the ladder and hurting themselves.

  1.       Supplies:

If you are using a squeegee, you would need a whole lot of materials like sponges, detergent, soft cloths and much more. You will also need a ladder. Too many?! Well, a water-fed pole eliminates that! All you need is the purified water and the pole. So, no need to carry around so much equipment?

  •   Who Wins Your Cheer: Squeegee or Poles?

Whether you are the property owner or the cleaning company owner, you would want a cleaning system that puts no one in danger, but get the job completed efficiently!

Squeegees are messy with a huge amount of equipment! It is safe to use if you eliminate the tall ladders. Then, the squeegee is useful only for windows on the ground level.

The water-fed poles require minimum equipment and no ladders. So, you get clean windows without the risks of climbing a ladder. No soap water or sponges, just the pole, and purified water! Clean windows without the mess. So, obviously, water-fed poles definitely win my cheer, hopefully, yours as well!

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