A Month Down A Lifetime To Go

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to my new best friend, Slim Belly.  This belt has become an essential part of my workout gear over the last month.  Let me just give you little reminder about the Slim Belly System.

What is Slim Belly?

Slim Belly is a revolutionary exercise tool which gently massages hard-to-lose fat layers during exercise.  We believe this massaging action increases blood flow to these fat layers which encourages lipolysis, the process in which fat is burned as fuel. Worn during cardiovascular exercise, Slim Belly is a great way to maximize a workout and get the best results possible. After using Slim Belly for a few weeks, users don’t want to exercise without it. Slim Belly is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

How Does it Work?

The concept is based on the patented Airpressure Bodyforming Method. This revolutionary technology works by stimulating increased blood flow in the targeted areas through two alternating air pressure chambers. Continuous pressure changes—from positive pressure to zero pressure and vice versa—gently massage the subcutaneous fat layers while training. When blood flows through the fat cells, it enables the fat to be converted into usable energy.

With Slim Belly, you can use it as often and for as long as you want.  And typical users: 

  • Lose 1-2 pant sizes in about four weeks*
  • Notice improved skin tone and tighter skin, and
  • See a visible reduction in stretch marks after childbirth

When I originally heard about the Slim Belly System, I was at the gym.  I saw an infomercial about it while I was running.  I saw it day after day and it got me wondering if it really worked.  I love infomercials and I am easily swayed into buying stuff not knowing if they really work.  Well, here is a product that I really DID try.  I have used the Slim Belly System for a month, wearing it 3-4 times a week while I run.  I can’t even tell you how much this belt gets your mid section going.  When I run normally, I don’t have any belly sweat.  When I wear Slim Belly, there is a ridiculous amount of sweat! Two weeks ago, I told you that I don’t wear the belt to the gym because of the size of the pack that goes on your back as well as the noise that it makes as it inflates and deflates.  Well, I have found a way to overcome that.  If I run in the cinema at the gym, then it is dark and noisy.

 Problem solved.  So I have been able to wear my belt to the gym.  My weight still hasn’t changed–though I didn’t expect it to (and Slim Belly doesn’t claim to make you lose weight).  I am exactly the same weight as I was before.  But measurement-wise, my inches are down!!  At the beginning of the month challenge I was asked to do 2 measurements–first 1″ above the belly button.  The second 1″ below the belly button.  Well, in the beginning I was 30″ above the belly button, after 2 weeks I was 29 1/2 “, and after 4 weeks I was 29 1/4″.  In the beginning I was 33″ below the belly button, after 2 weeks, I as 32 3/4″, after 4 weeks I was 31 1/2”.  That is a total loss of 2 1/4 inches!  I didn’t change anything but wore my slim belly.  No diet.  No extra trips to the gym.  Just a belt!  I can’t believe how well Slim Belly works!!  I can tell that my pants are fitting different.  I wear a Spanx knockoff bodyshaper thingy every now and again because I am so self conscious of my belly.  I haven’t worn it once in the last 2 weeks!  I also feel like the tone of my skin has changed.  Even my hubby has noticed!!

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