Essential Oil Selection – 6 Things to Know Before Buying Essential Oils Online

Essential Oil Selection

You shop for everything online, so why not buy your essential oils online too? The only problem is that you won’t get to smell or touch each one beforehand. 

So, there must be another way to determine their quality before you click that checkout button. Here are some tips on what you should know and look out for when buying essential oils online. 

  • Essential Oil Brands 

If you’re accustomed to buying certain essential oil brands, you might be apprehensive about trying something new. One thing you’ll notice when shopping for essential oils online is the fact there’s a wide range of brands from which to choose. 

To distinguish between good and bad essential oil brands, start with the bottle. Many well-respected brands pay attention to detail when packaging their oils. Everything from the design to the details on the label will be well-crafted.  

  • Detailed Information

Most essential oil bottles will have, “pure essential oil,” written on the bottle. Do not always assume that these oils were made from good-quality plants. 

The most trusted essential oil manufacturers provide detailed information about the oil, and the longest-standing essential oil brands are probably the best ones to trust. 

If you are in favor of a particular brand that does not provide detailed information on the oil, you can always email the company to find out more. Sometimes it’s good to ask questions and check up on the customer care provided by the company. 

  • Plastic Essential Oil Bottles 

Most essential oils are packaged in dark-colored glass bottles to reduce heat and light exposure. 

If you find essential oil in a plastic bottle and you’re tempted to buy it because it’s a really good deal from a decent brand, just know that essential oil can dissolve in plastic over time. 

If you choose to go ahead with the purchase because plastic is more likely to survive shipping, make sure you have a glass bottle ready to transfer the oil into once it arrives. Pouring your essential oil into a glass bottle prevents it from losing its essence over time. 

  • Organic Versus Non-Organic

In the debate between organic and non-organic essential oils, organic essential oils always win. Of course, there are other factors to consider, but if your choice has come down to two brands, and one is organic, let that be your deciding factor.  

  • Price 

You must remember that the process of creating these oils can be a costly affair, especially when they’re made from high-quality plants. That’s why the best essential oils are a bit pricier. 

What’s more, the type of essential oil you purchase will also affect its price. For instance, it’s common to pay more for rose essential oil than some other types. 

However, the price of rose essential oil from most brands will be similar, so keep that in mind too. Plus, cheap oils may cause more harm than good, so choose your oil wisely.

  • MLM (multi-level-marketing) Brands

While essential oils from MLM brands are typically pricier, this doesn’t always translate to better quality. Then, of course, there are the many problems that go hand-in-hand with the MLM business model

There are plenty of top-quality essential oils from non-MLM brands. For best results, always go with tried and tested oils that work well for you and your family. If you are satisfied with a specific brand, dive right in and use the products. 

The great thing about essential oils is that you can use them for so many applications. From alleviating stress to helping with sleep and even making your home smell great, they’ll enrich your life in so many different ways! 


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