The Various Ways How Lighting Can Affect Your Interior Paint Colours

It shouldn’t come as astonishment that painting your walls is indeed a magnificent way to upgrade your home’s internal atmosphere. However, choosing the correct colour palette can always prove to be very tricky. Before you select a paint colour for your home interiors, you must understand how lighting can affect the ways human eyes perceive different colour shades.

To help you learn more about the impact of lighting on paint colours, we have created this in-depth guide that we suggest reading through precisely.

The Impact Of Lighting On Paint Colours

Have you ever worn any cloth that looks different colours in different lighting conditions? We’re sure you have and in case you did, then you must know that such a phenomenon is known as ‘illuminant metamerism.’ This phenomenon essentially states that colours will showcase themselves as different hues when viewed under different lighting conditions. 

While the phenomenon of illuminant metamerism might not matter much when you will wear your favourite clothes, it will surely matter when painting your home interiors. 

The Way How Sunlight Will Affect Paint Colours

According to a popular company offering services such as interior painting in Auckland, natural light will always showcase the truest representation of colours. Such is the reason why colours on your walls will always look different in artificial lighting versus natural lighting. That’s why we always suggest considering the number & size of your home windows before choosing the ideal paint colour.

Another factor that you should keep in perspective is the type of weather or climate that you live in because the presence of natural light will be dependent on the weather. Moreover, you also have to factor in your geographic location too, as the further, you go on the northern side, the natural light will turn cooler, while on the southern side it’s redder. 

The Way How Artificial Lighting Will Affect Paint Colours

In case you want to know how paint colours are affected in artificial lighting, then you have to first know some basic light terminology. You must know that colour temperature will be measured in Kelvins (denoted by K).

Generally, household bulbs are rated in-between 2,700K to around 5,000K. The lower the Kelvins rating is, the warmer the temperature will be of the light (such as the incandescent bulbs). Alternatively, higher K ratings showcase cooler tones (such as that of the LED bulbs). A typical 5,000K-rated bulb will be comparable to natural sunlight. 

There’s also the CRI or Colour Rendering Index that you take care of as well. Bulbs are rated in-between 50 to 100 on the CRI scale. A higher rating will mean that the bulb showcases an accurate representation of the artificial light colour when compared to natural light. 

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