Wheely Bug Prince Lionheart Toy

My little guy is two and a half now. He is very active and he never stops. His older brother and sister love to zoom around on their bikes and he always seems to get left in their dust. Not anymore. He can been seen riding his new Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug Tiger and boy can he move on it!Not only is his Wheely Bug adorable, it also features a soft seat which makes riding fun for longer for my little guy.The bottom features multidirectional castors. Meaning my little guy can go one way and then quickly move another direction and his wheely bug goes where he wants it to!Such a cute toy for your little one and it can hold up to 50 lbs, so it’s built tough. My little guy is getting so much use out of his Tiger Wheely Bug. His brother and sister also try to sneak ‘use’ when he’s not around. He loves it and plays with it daily.

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