Tummy Time Fun

Tiny Love has done it again! They have come up with a play mat and pillow that is perfect for babies! It is called Tummy-Time Fun Under The Sea.  I don’t know about you but all of my babies have had a hard time getting used to being on their tummies! With Brooklyn I was determined to help her to like tummy time. I was looking for something that she could have fun with as well as distract her from realizing that she was on her tummy. This play mat and pillow does just that. It even comes with a stand-alone mirror!With vibrant colors and a beach theme I thought it was perfect to take to the lake this summer. It was portable and easy to pack and carry! When I leave the house to take my older children to swimming lessons I am able to put Brooklyn on the play mat and she is able to play while the others are swimming.

What makes this play mat even better is that it also comes with toys built into the pillow. There are teethers, a rattle, and the crabs eyes have a crinkly texture that my baby loves!Brooklyn loves spending time looking at herself in the fish mirror and it even stands by itself so I don’t have to hold it up for her! What baby doesn’t love to play with mirrors right?!


  • Tummy time pillow
  • Teethers
  • Washable padded mat
  • Crinkly texture
  • Rattle
  • Stand-alone mirror to encourage extensive tummy-time play

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