Extra Delicious Care Package

Receiving care packages from my mom while I was in college years ago, eased my homesickness.  Knowing she was thinking about me and sending some love suddenly gave me comfort and courage to carry on.  It’s so hard for me to believe in 5 years I could be doing the same for my daughter!How do you tell someone you care about them?  When someone is ill, do you send a note…..maybe flowers?  Well, thanks to Spoonful of Comfort, you have a whole new lovely way to express your empathy by sending a made-with-Love package of good ole fashioned chicken soup.  Spoonful of Comfort sent me their most popular “Thinking of you” package and I was giddy when I opened it up.

First off, the packaging on my Spoonful of Comfort goody box was stunning.  So much care is put into presentation that I decided to keep every box for future use!  Each box interior had a cheerful color and special quote that made me smile.  Inside the boxes were a half gallon of chicken soup, a pretty ladle, rolls and chocolate chip cookies.  The soup was packaged in a foil looking bag with a cold pack inside to keep the contents fresh.  Due to the Perishable nature of the product, you’ll want to refrigerate the soup quickly, but, I will say that if this Spoonful of Comfort box was left on a doorstep for a while it may be ok.  When I received mine, the broth was in solid ice form and the jar was cold.  I also checked the packaging a couple hours after I removed my soup and the cold pack was still cool, which told me that if I hadn’t gotten home for a couple more hours it should have been fine.  Directions suggest consumption of the contents within 2-3 days.

My hubby was home when I received my package and he immediately grabbed, then opened, the cookies.  Yummy, soft and chewy…..just like he likes them.  That was a nice pick me up!So, you may be wondering, how was the soup??  Very tasty.  It is similar to my moms recipe with big chunks of chicken, noodles and carrots.  I thought the flavor was mild which is great because that leaves room to make adjustments with salt & pepper to your liking.  We ate the rolls at room temperature, but I bet they’d be delicious warmed.  They were perfect for dipping into the warm chicken soup.One of my favorite package items was the pretty decorative ladle.  It makes a sweet keepsake once the food is gone.  Maybe your recipient will remember your kind gesture when they use it to serve soup in the future!Spoonful of Comfort blossomed when the owner’s mother became ill with cancer.  She wanted to send something, but the usual measures of flowers or fruit didn’t seem appropriate.  She immediately thought of chicken soup, which her mom used to make to comfort her.  Since that moment, and her mother’s passing, she nurtured her idea and now helps many people with ailing loved ones with her thoughtful care packages.Spoonful of Comfort packages are such a lovely gift and it is obvious the creator cares deeply about her quality product.  There are various package options available to choose from; including adding a blanket or tea to the mix, or simply sending just the soup.  I plan on sending one to my sister-in-law when she has her baby this fall.  It will surely be a big help when she is exhausted with my new niece or nephew ……and tell her I care.

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