Walkin In White

I love shoes!  They are in the top 5 things I love–#1. My family  #2. Chocolate  #3. Clothes #4. Shoes  #5. Working Out    I am sure I don’t have to even say it, but I have a bunch shoes.  Unfortunately not too many pairs of them are expensive and fancy.  I guess I would rather a a bunch of less expensive shoes then a few pairs of expensive shoes.  Plus when they are less expensive they wear out about the time the style has.  Okabashi has proved to me that less expensive shoes don’t have to mean cheap shoes.
Okabashi is a family owned business who focuses on providing customers with extremely comfortable shoes for more than 29 years.  Not only are their products made in the USA but theyall their shoes are 100% recyclable and provide superior foot support and a massaging insole.  Their shoes are anti-microbial, dishwasher safe, and backed by a 2-year guarantee!  Name another company who gives all of that to their customers!!

In my shoe collection, I have my share of sandals.  Most of them are very cheap.  I am talking flimsy little flip flops that cost a few bucks.  They have no support, break easily, and aren’t very comfy….but dang it!  I have practically ever color!  I know, I know.  They aren’t the best but I couldn’t pass up the pink, yellow, teal, and 15 other colors.  One of my favorite pairs of sandals I own I bought at Rite Aid.  Don’t tell anyone, but I do love them.  I have worn them everywhere, including Disneyland.  I have tried to find more of these but Rite Aid doesn’t carry them anymore.  I was certain I would only be able to find another pair I like equally as much if I paid for them.
Then I wore Okabashi sandals.

Okabashi sent me of pair of white Maui sandals.  These are no ordinary flip flops.  They have support and a massaging insole!  They also have a wider foot bed…perfect for my post dancer feet.  They are super comfy.  So comfy in fact, that I prefer them over my favorite Rite Aid sandals…which is saying A LOT!  Now, white sandals can be hard to keep clean.  Any dirt on your feet will leave a foot print.  Have no fear though!  These buddies can be thrown in the dishwasher!  They come clean really easily.  The Maui sandals, along with other Okabashi sandals, would also make great shower shoes for gym lovers like me.  These shoes are available in 12 other colors and retail for $18.99.
Here is one of my favorite things about this brand…it completely made me drop my jaw on the ground….Okabashi is sold all over the US and Canada.  Wait, that isn’t the jaw dropping part!  They are sold at retailers like Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Menards, Wegmans and are you ready for this….RITE AID!  Can you believe that my new favorite shoes that beat out my old favorite Rite Aid shoes are Rite Aid shoes!?  Crazy huh!?  That just goes to show you that just because they aren’t expensive doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it!

Okabashi is Real Mom recommended!

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