Make Every Shirt A Nursing Shirt

I am a cover yourself and baby up during nursing in public kind of gal.  I don’t have any problem with those who don’t cover up.  I am just not that way.  But whether you are a covering nurser or an uncovered nurser chances are you don’t want your whole belly showing when you are nursing and not wearing a specific “nursing shirt”.Well now you can wear shirts that are not specifically a nursing shirt and not have to show your whole tummy to the world.

Undercover Mama allows you to keep your midsection to yourself while nursing.  This mom invented, mom approved product is a stylish and affordable alternative to expensive nursing clothing.  Also, if you are anything like me your girls need more support than just the little shelf bras in nursing tanks.  Undercover Mama allows you to wear your own bra, giving you the comfort and support you need. Undercover Mama is a nursing tank that work with your favorite nursing bra.  Each tank has two different ways to attach the tank to your nursing bra.  Either use the hook and slide it onto the bottom half of the bra clasp or use the loop and slide it over the clasp on the bottom half.  Whichever way you chose your tank now becomes a nursing bra/tank and your tummy can be concealed. I received the lime green basic Undercover Mama nursing shirt.  This tank currently retails for $24.99 and comes in many different colors: black, white, orange, red, navy, pink, etc.

For just $1 more you can get a white with black polka dot shirt or for $2 more your tank can be trimmed in lace!  There are many different options to fit your personal style.  This tank is made from a 95% cotton/ 5% spandex bland allowing for stretch, comfort, and long wearability.  It is a nice, soft material and the color is fabulous!  I can’t wait to add this  pop of color to so many different outfits! I received a medium. The site you want your shirt to be snug (makes sense because you want it to stay down and in place when you pull your over shirt up) and suggested ordering one size down form your normal top size.  Honestly I was a little nervous because I know I can’t have a baby and then slip right back into my pre-maternity clothes.  To my surprise, the shirt is perfect!  I can even slip it over this baby belly!  So trust Undercover Mama on their size chart and order according to it!

  • Attach Undercover Mama to your favorite bra.
  • Wear the tank under a normal top.
  • Lift up over shirt.
  • Unclasp nursing bra/ Undercover Mama.
  • Nurse while keeping your tummy concealed!

This nursing shirt is so easy to use and so comfy to wear.  You could even wear it after you are all done nursing!  This is a mommy must have for sure!

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