Sneaky Peeky

One of my favorite things to do is peek in on Beckham when he is sleeping.  Not only does it remind me that he really isn’t a crazy monster (we all think that about our kids at one point right!?  I am not alone right!?) but it is so cute to see what position he is in.  He is a wild man.  His legs will hang out of the crib bars.  He will be using his stuffed animal as a pillow.  OOOO!  I just love sneaking a peek of him.During the day he is a very light sleeper.  I always want to go in an check on him…take away a sippy cup, fix the blankets, fix his sleeping position…but the dang door knob clicks and the door jam isn’t lined up perfectly so I have to pull and twist the knob at the same time.  Some times it works but most of the time it wakes him up.  I have just resorted to only checking on him after 10 pm.  Until now!!!Latchy Catchy is the answer to door knob clicking and slamming doors.  Such a simple design but such a genius idea!  Just slip one end over the outside door knob, stretch across the latch, and slip over the inside door knob.  WALAH!  No more waking baby!

We received the Organic River Rocks Latchy Catchy for Beckham’s nursery.  It matches perfectly!  It was super duper easy to put on.  Anyone can do it!  We have a lever door knob on his bedroom door but it works on all shapes and handles  (see my pictures below to see two different knobs it’s on).  The fabric is thick enough that it keeps the door closed.  You know when your door doesn’t have a knob on it how it doesn’t really stay closed?  This doesn’t do that at all.  It stays shut but just doesn’t allow the latch to engage.  Now I can simply push the door open to go in and peek on Beckham.  No more risking the door knob clicking and waking him.  Plus!  I don’t have to worry about him accidentally locking himself in his room!!The Latchy Catchy comes in a variety of different fabrics so you are sure to find the perfect one for your door.  Use Latchy Catchy on bedroom doors, schools, libraries, day spas, and military housing.  Use it for late night bathroom breaks, loud roommates, senior citizen communities and more!  You could even put it on your door when you are hauling in groceries.  Now you won’t have to put your bags down, open the door, and hold it with your foot while you pick up your bags.  Just put the door open with your shoulder, back, or hip!  When you aren’t using it, unhook one side and allow it to just hang out.  That way you don’t have to go searching for it each time you want to use it.The Latchy Catchy is just $9.95 and only $10.95 for organic cotton.  Totally doable for any budget!  Add one to a baby shower present and save that mama hours of trying to get her baby back to sleep!!

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